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    Which Cruise Ships Will Be Scrapped Or Taken Out of Service Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

    Hi, Navantia shipyard is located in Cadiz...
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    Cruiseskipet "RCGS Resolute" selgast på aksjon i Curacao

    Hi, Bunny adventure Cruises, Canada, previous owner, has re-purchased their own vessel at auction. The 600,000 USD was a small price to pay, to wipe off all previous monies owned according to the Admiralty law! Bunny ( a broker's firm offer is in my hands) asking now 18 Million US$ for the vessel.
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    Ocean Residences, Bygg nr. ? ved Kleven Verft, 80,000 Gt Resident Ship "Njord"

    So many like projects "cooking" and none have been served LOL
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    Laid-Up Hurtigruten ships

    TDR Capital, Britain holds 95% of Hurtigruten A/S with the rest owned by some Hurtigruten Executives as well as a Norwegian Billionaire Hotel Investor, anyone knows his name and company, please? Many thanks all
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    Laid-Up Hurtigruten ships

    Hello Kvalnes, wow, much appreciated, is it permsissible for me to use those Photographs? Thanks again
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    Laid-Up Hurtigruten ships

    Hello All, I am looking for information where all the Hurtigruten ships are presently laid-up, or at anchorage. Also, Photos and Video would be great. to be used in my website: Thank you ver much for your kind assistance Stay well! Daniel
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    Erstatningsskip for Havila Kystruten

    Thanks, Refvik, I don't have an abonnement to read the story in NO. but it says Cruise Ships, which may not suit Havila as they also need to carry some cargo as well as some cases to fulfill the contract, right?
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    Havila Kystruten, Bygg nr. 1093, 1094, 1193 og 1194 ved Tersan Shipyard, Havyard 923 "Havila Capella/Castor/Polaris/Pollux"

    Hi, what about the Polaris and Pollux, have the hulls from Spain arrived at Tersan and any news as to when these ships will be delivered? The last information from Norway was that Kystruten is looking to charter two ferries? Thx
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    AIDA Cruises, Bygg nr. 696 & 709 ved Meyer Werft, 183,200 GT Cruise Ship "AIDAnova" & "AIDAcosma"

    Hi, I contacted their press office and they stated only Journalists upon request and explaining what for they need, will get photos from them, no longer freely available. so sad. cheers
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    Saga Cruises - Bygg nr. 714 & 715 ved Meyer Werft, Cruiseskip "Spirit of Discovery/Adventure"

    Hello, I have been in touch with Saga and Meyer Werft. Saga has stated in a financial report that the Spirit of Adventure delivery will be delayed due to CORVID-19 and they can't say when she will start sailing. Their Website however stills shows a Cruise departing Southampton on August 21st...
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    Hi Refik, trust all is well with you. May I kindly ask you if it is possible to use the pics of...

    Hi Refik, trust all is well with you. May I kindly ask you if it is possible to use the pics of the Costa Venezia blocks on my website: much appreciated. have a good Sunday. Daniel