AIDA Cruises, Bygg nr. 696 & 709 ved Meyer Werft, 183,200 GT Cruise Ship "AIDAnova" & "AIDAcosma"


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Carnival Corporation Finalizes Contract with Meyer Werft to Build Four Next-Generation Cruise Ships

The four new cruise ships – part of a previously announced nine-ship strategic partnership for the world's largest cruise company – will be the largest ever built based on guest capacity
The vessels will feature a revolutionary “green cruising” design as the first-ever cruise ships powered at sea by Liquefied Natural Gas, the world’s cleanest burning fossil fuel

MIAMI, June 15, 2015 — Carnival Corporation & plc, the world's largest travel and leisure company, today announced it has signed a multi-billion dollar contract to build four next-generation cruise ships with the largest guest capacity in the world. The contract with Meyer Werft is part of larger previously announced strategic memo of understanding with leading shipbuilders Meyer Werft and Fincantieri S.p.A for nine new ship orders between 2019 and 2022.

The four new ships will also feature a revolutionary “green cruising” design. The ships will be the first in the cruise industry to be powered at sea by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) -- the world’s cleanest burning fossil fuel, representing a major environmental breakthrough.

The company said two of the ships will be manufactured for AIDA Cruises at Meyer Werft's shipyard in Papenburg, Germany. Additional information about the ships, including which new ships will be added to each brand, will be made available at a later date.

Based on Carnival Corporation’s innovative new ship design, each of the four next-generation ships will have a total capacity of 6,600 guests, feature more than 5,000 lower berths, exceed 180,000 gross tons and incorporate an extensive number of guest-friendly features. A major part of the innovative design involves making much more efficient use of the ship's spaces, creating an enhanced onboard experience for guests.

Pioneering a new era in the use of sustainable fuels, the four new ships will be the first in the cruise industry to use LNG in dual-powered hybrid engines to power the ship both in port and on the open sea. LNG will be stored onboard and used to generate 100 percent power at sea – producing another industry-first innovation for Carnival Corporation and its brands. Using LNG to power the ships in port and at sea will eliminate emissions of soot particles and sulfur oxides.

In addition to the two ships being built in Germany, Meyer Werft – which had the capacity to accommodate these four ship-building orders in its production schedule -- will also build the two additional ships detailed in today’s announcement at its shipyard in Turku, Finland. Each new ship will be specifically designed and developed for the brand and the guests it will serve, underscoring the company's goal to consistently exceed guest expectations and provide first-time and repeat guests with the vacation experience of a lifetime on each and every cruise.

Carnival Corporation CEO Arnold Donald said the contract is consistent with the company’s measured capacity growth strategy to replace ships with less efficient capacity with newer, larger and more fuel efficient vessels over time.

"We are looking forward to executing on the next step in our fleet enhancement plan," said Donald. "At a cost per berth in line with our existing order book, these new ships will enhance the return profile of our fleet. These are exceptionally efficient ships with incredible cabins and public spaces featuring a design inspired by Micky Arison and Michael Thamm and developed by our new build teams." Arison is chairman of the board of directors for Carnival Corporation & plc and Thamm is CEO of the Costa Group, which includes AIDA Cruises and Costa Cruises.

Added Donald: “It will be exciting to see our shipbuilding team bring these new ships to life. Every step of the way, our focus is on designing state-of-the-art ships that provide a vacation experience our guests will love, and we are putting all of our creative energy and resources into making sure we achieve that goal.”

“These ships will expand our leadership position for the Costa Group, the market leader in all the major European markets,” said Thamm. “These will be spectacular ships designed specifically for our guests who sail on our Costa Group brands.”

Bernard Meyer, CEO of Meyer Werft, said: “In past years, we have built seven highly successful ships for AIDA Cruises. We are honored that Carnival Corporation has entrusted us with the implementation of this ambitious shipbuilding program, and we look forward to building these four magnificent ships.”
The new ship order will allow the Costa Group to continue to build on its leadership position in the European cruise market – a market in which five out of 10 cruise guests in 2014 sailed onboard a Costa Group ship. The Costa Group – along with Princess Cruise Lines, also part of the Carnival Corporation family -- also occupies the leading position in the rapidly growing cruise market in China.

As part of each shipbuilding company's long-term strategic partnership with Carnival Corporation, additional new ship orders are being explored over the coming decade.



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The world's first LNG cruise liner

Construction of a new ship for ADIA Cruises begins
The steel cutting of the vessel with yard number S.696 at MEYER WERFT in Papenburg marks the start of construction for the first LNG cruise liner for AIDA Cruises.
Felix Eichhorn, President of AIDA Cruises, pressed the start button of the computer-controlled cutting machine, thereby commencing work on the first steel plate for the next generation of AIDA cruise ships. The first ship in this new class will be delivered at the end of 2018. With this new project, AIDA is continuing its long-standing partnership with MEYER WERFT. From 2007 to 2013, the Papenburg shipyard produced seven Diva Class cruise liners that operate successfully today in the market for AIDA cruises.

"AIDA will be giving the German holiday market a completely new impetus with the new Helios Class", says AIDA President Felix Eichhorn. For the first time, these new ships will be powered by LNG engines made by Caterpillar / MaK which fulfil the strictest environmental regulations. Energy efficiency was the key focus of the entire engineering work. The planning and design activities gave absolute priority to heat recovery, innovative electric motors, LED lighting, ship automation geared to energy efficiency, optimized underwater paintwork to reduce resistance, weight-optimized material selection and many other topics.

"We are very pleased that we can break completely new technological ground with AIDA in this way. AIDA and Carnival now lead the way for establishing LNG as the fuel of the future", says Tim Meyer, CEO at MEYER WERFT.

The new ships for AIDA Cruises are also equipped with features tailor-made for the destination and for a first-class cruise experience. The ships will be setting new standards, not only in terms of their gross tonnage of 183,900 and space for 2,500 cabins but also in terms of design and environmental compatibility.



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Keel laying ceremony for AIDAnova

New LNG-powered cruise ship starts to take shape. This is Carnival Corporation's first vessel in a new series of extremely environmentally friendly ships with reduced emissions.

Today the keel laying ceremony was held for the first block of the new cruise ship AIDAnova (S.696) for the German shipping company AIDA Cruises. The traditional lucky cent was placed under the first of altogether 90 blocks by the two trainees Louisa Tröbner (AIDA Cruises) and Martin de Boer (MEYER WERFT).

AIDAnova is the first of two new ships for the AIDA brand. Carnival Corporation has ordered another five ships in Papenburg and Turku. The AIDAnova will be setting new standards on the high seas with its modern LNG technology. The ships with a volume of more than 183,900 GT and capacity for more than 2,500 cabins each will be reinforcing the AIDA fleet at the end of 2018 and 2021. The ship's modern power plant was built at NEPTUN WERFT in Warnemünde. It is powered by four innovative, low-emission LNG engines by Caterpillar (Kiel/Rostock) for shipping and hotel operations.

"We are very grateful to Carnival Corporation and AIDA Cruises for the trust they have placed in our shipyard and for their pioneering decision to use LNG technology. The corresponding infrastructure is now being implemented in numerous ports. Carnival has thus taken a decision for the good of the environment that is of great significance for the cruise industry", says Bernard Meyer, managing director of MEYER WERFT shipyard.

“Our team will be working together with experts AIDA, Carnival, our affiliated companies such as Caterpillar and the classification society RINA to ensure that this is a successful step towards an environmentally friendly future of cruise ships”, adds Tim Meyer.

AIDAnova will leave MEYER WERFT in autumn 2018 for the North Sea and will then be handed over to the cruise company after a period of thorough trials. You can follow the construction of the new flag ship for AIDA Cruises both in the shipyard visitor centre and also on the internet at


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Float out of the AIDAnova

The first cruise ship from AIDA Cruises to use LNG is scheduled to leave the MEYER WERFT covered building dock on 21 August

The AIDAnova is scheduled to leave the MEYER WERFT covered building dock II on Tuesday 21 August 2018.

The float out procedure is planned to commence at around 7.00 pm. However, weather conditions or production processes may result in delays or schedule changes.

Once the AIDAnova has left the building dock, the vessel will berth at the shipyard’s outfitting pier, where its mast and funnel cladding will be fitted. Until its passage along the river Ems to the North Sea, which is scheduled for the end of September, the ship will remain berthed in the shipyard harbour. While it is there, it will undergo further outfitting and work on its interior fittings, and further testing with LNG will be performed on the ship's engines; acceptance procedures by the ship owners will also take place. At the same time, the approximately 1,400 members of the ship’s crew will shortly be commencing their on-board training; the cruise ship will be welcoming its first guests on board in mid-November 2018, immediately after delivery.

To enable the AIDAnova to berth at the outfitting pier, the floating part of the Spectrum of the Seas that is currently moored there will be moved to another berth at the shipyard harbour. Once the AIDAnova has undocked, the floating part of the Spectrum of the Seas currently being fitted at the pier will be manoeuvred back to the vacated building dock II, where work will continue.

All times are subject to weather conditions.


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AIDAnova Floats Out at Meyer Werft

The LNG-powered AIDAnova has left the covered building hall at Meyer Werft in Papenburg, Germany.

The 5,200-guest ship was floated out on Tuesday evening at Meyer, and will now be positioned at a dock at the shipyard for final hotel outfitting ahead of a delivery this autumn.

Later this month, AIDA will christen the ship in an open-air concert at the shipyard.

Delivery is scheduled for Nov. 15 in Bremerhaven.

The ship will start revenue sailings in December in the Canary Islands.

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World’s 1st LNG-Fueled Ship Christened

The world’s first cruise ship that can be powered by low-emission liquefied natural gas (LNG) both at sea and in port, AIDAnova, was christened on August 31 at Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg.

The 180,000-ton vessel was floated out from Meyer Werft’s building dock on August 21. Featuring a length of 337 meters and a width of 42 meters, AIDAnova will be able to accommodate 6,600 passengers.

“We are delighted that we were able to stage the AIDA Open Air in Papenburg at the Meyer Werft shipyard, so that we could share our enthusiasm about our new ship with so many people. At the same time, this event was a thank-you to our partners, to the Meyer Werft shipyard, and to the many thousands of people who have helped make AIDAnova what is already the eighth AIDA cruise ship to be built on the Ems,” said AIDA President Felix Eichhorn.

At the end of September AIDAnova will be going on its first short trip, setting sail for Eemshaven in the Netherlands for final fit-out and sea trials. AIDA will take over the new ship from the Meyer Werft shipyard on November 15, 2018, in Bremerhaven.

Two further AIDA ships of this new generation will be built by 2023 by the Meyer Werft shipyard.

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Verdens første LNG-cruiseskip er forsinket

Det tyske Meyer-verftet klarer ikke å overlevere AIDAnova til planlagt tid. Cruiserederiet AIDA har avlyst presentasjonen av skipet i Oslo 17. november.

AIDA Cruises har sammen med eieren Carnival slått på stortromma og innkalt VIP-gjester og presse på tur fra Bremerhaven til Oslo 15. – 17. november.

Flere planlagte visningsturer for spesielt inviterte fram til jomfruturen i desember, er avlyst.

I Oslo skulle leider og lugarer åpnes lørdag 17. november for enhver som hadde interesse av å se verdens første cruiseskip som benytter nedkjølt naturgass (LNG) som drivstoff.

Sammenliknet med diesel, har LNG-motorer har cirka 25 prosent lavere CO2-utslipp, og 85-90 prosent mindre NOx, og så å si ikke svovel eller partikkelutslipp.

På grunn av utslipp av metan, er klimaeffekten av LNG diskutabel. Helse- og lokalmiljø nyter godt av mindre NOx, svovel og partikler.

VIP og pressetur

Kommunikasjonssjef Kathrin Heitmann i AIDA Cruises sier til TU at Meyer Werft ikke kan få skipet klart til avtalt tid. Overlevering fra verft til rederi er utsatt.

Dermed er presse- og VIP-turen fra Bremerhaven 15. november avlyst. På spørsmål om årsaken til forsinket levering, viser hun til Meyer Werft.

– Skipet er fortsatt ikke overlevert til oss. Alle spørsmål om årsak henvises til dem, sier Heitmann til TU.

TU har ikke lykkes å få svar fra verftet.

Rekker jomfrutur

Heitmann sier at Meyer Werft har lovet at skipet skal være klart til jomfruturen med betalende gjester. Jomfruturen går fra Hamburg 2. desember til Gran Canaria, med mellomstopp i Southampton, A Coruña, Lisboa og Madeira.

– Vi er glade for at jomfruturen vil gå etter planen, sier Heitmann.

Les meir på sidene til Teknisk Ukeblad

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AIDAnova Delivered

Carnival Corporation has welcomed AIDA Cruises' new AIDAnova into its fleet today at a celebration in Bremerhaven, Germany, as the world's first cruise vessel to be powered at sea and in port by liquefied natural gas (LNG).

"AIDAnova is a milestone for our company and the entire cruise industry," said Michael Thamm, group CEO of Carnival Corporation's Costa Group – which includes AIDA Cruisesand Costa Cruises – and Carnival Asia. "With Carnival Corporation pioneering LNG technology, we start a new era of environmentally friendly cruising. It's important now that the respective infrastructure will be further developed as more and more cruise lines are following our example."

The largest cruise ship ever built at a German shipyard, AIDAnova also marks an exciting new generation of ships for AIDA Cruises.

AIDAnova set sail today for the Canary Islands to welcome its inaugural guests at Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, embarking on December 19 for a seven-day holiday cruise around the Canary Islands and Madeira.

"I am so pleased about this extraordinary ship, which is another milestone on our steady path to providing sustainable cruises," said Felix Eichhorn, president of AIDA Cruises, at today's handover event. "AIDAnova will offer guests entirely new experiences onboard through the further development of the innovative ship designs of AIDAprima and AIDAperla, and many other successful products in the AIDA fleet. With an extraordinary variety of individual vacation options, exciting entertainment and new wellness, fitness and culinary offerings, we are providing new and exciting reasons for people to enjoy a cruise vacation, one of the vacation industry's fastest-growing sectors."

In 2021 and 2023, two additional ships from the new AIDA Cruises generation of vessels will join the AIDA fleet, in addition to new LNG-powered ships on order for Costa Cruises, P&O Cruises in the UK, and Carnival Cruise Line and Princess Cruises.

Following today's launch of AIDAnova, Carnival Corporation has an additional 10 next-generation "green" cruise ships on order that will be powered by LNG.

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Steel cutting ceremony for the next AIDA LNG cruise ship at MEYER WERFT

Papenburg, 15 August 2019 – With the symbolic steel cutting ceremony at MEYER WERFT, work has begun on the next cruise ship for AIDA Cruises. Like the AIDAnova that was delivered at the end of 2018, this ship will be fitted with a particularly environ-mentally friendly liquefied natural gas (LNG) propulsion system.

The button to start the computer-controlled steel cutting machine was pressed by Sven Fahle, Project Manager at AIDA Cruises, together with the MEYER WERFT team, thus starting production of the next LNG cruise ship. Delivery is planned for spring 2021. MEYER WERFT will be delivering a third ship in this class to AIDA Cruises in 2023.

"We are very pleased to work with AIDA Cruises and Carnival Corporation at further es-tablishing LNG as a fuel in the cruise industry. We will also be implementing other inno-vative technologies on board this ship", says Stephan Schmees, Executive Board Member Project Management Ships at MEYER WERFT.

This generation of ships for AIDA Cruises uses LNG engines by Caterpillar / MaK, which fulfil the strictest environmental regulations. This class of ships has been devel-oped and designed with a focus on energy efficiency. The planning and design activities gave absolute priority to heat recovery, innovative electric motors, LED lighting, ship au-tomation and glazing, all geared to energy efficiency, optimized underwater paintwork to reduce resistance, weight-optimized material selection and many other topics.

The new ships for AIDA Cruises have capacity for around 2,600 cabins, with a rating of 183,900 GRT.

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140 meter lang skrogseksjon med maskinrommet til "AIDAcosma" ankommet fra Neptun Werft til Meyer Werft i Papenburg



Alle foto: via Meyer Werft


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Can't find the photos from Meyer on their website anymore, it's all changed. How do you get them?


Can't find the photos from Meyer on their website anymore, it's all changed. How do you get them?
Can't find the photos from Meyer on their website anymore, it's all changed. How do you get them?
Hi, I contacted their press office and they stated only Journalists upon request and explaining what for they need, will get photos from them, no longer freely available. so sad.