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Idag er det sendt ut melding at Arriva Shipping har kontrahert en 8.500 tonner for levering i 2020. Norsk design, MDC i Knarrevik. Ser noenlunde bra ut, design messig. Lykke til.

Det er visstnok ett rederi til som skal ha ett søsterskip. Den er ikke opplyst ennå. Det gleder vel oss alle at nybygg igjen er på banen, i allefall meg.



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Arriva Shipping orders new building

Arriva Shipping’s history stretches back to 1972. Now, for the first time in the company’s history, they are contracting a new building.

Together with our business partners, through the company Arriva Innovation AS, we have contracted a dry cargo ship of 8.500 deadweight tons. The new building will have a total length of 120 meters and will be built by a Chinese shipyard based upon the MDC 1309 “ECOLUTION” design. Thereafter, in order to be operational in the “self-loading/discharging” segment in the North-European trade, the vessel will be equipped and completed in Norway. The vessel is scheduled to be delivered from the yard within 2nd half of 2020, informs Managing Director Sindre Matre.

The design has been developed in close collaboration with Marine Design & Consulting AS in Bergen, Norway. Technical specification includes innovative and sustainable solutions with a strong focus on the EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index) the present and possible future environmental requirements, such as large battery packs that enables the vessel to enter the harbor areas, berth/unberth, and sail – all emission free. Last but not least, the vessel’s cargo operations will also be handled electrically and consequently emission free.

Through this investment, Arriva Shipping aims to offer our customers even better logistical solutions with a greener footprint on competitive terms, Matre says.

In addition to the new building, Arriva Shipping increases its operational fleet by chartering the vessel “Peak Sauda” from Peak Group AS. A conventional vessel on 5.000 deadweight tons, sailing under the Dutch flag, and purchased by the Peak Group. The vessel will be rebuilt to a self-loading/discharging vessel and put on a contract with Arriva Shipping. The Peak Group is also one of the partners in Arriva Innovation AS.

Arriva Shipping, and their partners in Arriva Innovation:

In 2018, Arriva Shipping had a turnover of approximately NOK 350 million and operated a fleet of 6 own and 8 chartered vessels. The vessels are operating in the North-European trade where the typical commodities are concrete- and asphalt aggregates, timber, wood pulp, coal, coke, iron ore, gypsum, salt and concrete elements. In 2018, the company shipped approximately 4 million tons in total.

Overall, the Partners in Arriva Innovation represents a short-sea fleet of 60 vessels which together carries approximately 14 million tons per annum. In 2018, the total turnover was NOK 1.5 billion.

Arriva Shipping New vessel

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Tydelig meir en to skip bestilt...

MDC 1303 ECOLUTION type General Cargo Carrier, 8000 dwt - Contracted

A series of The MDC 1303 ECOLUTION type General Cargo Carrier Design has been contracted at Chinese shipyards for various European Owners

MDC 1303 ECOLUTION series is a highly efficient and eco-friendly ship design, with a small environmental footprint, low running costs.

New developed hullform is giving low hull resistance and improved propulsive efficiency.

The vessels are also prepared for hybrid and electric/battery powering/propulsion for improved operational efficiency and reduced overall emissions and fuel consumption. Likewise, the vessels are also prepared for installation of SCR for NOx reductions.

The cargo handling and cargo hatch arrangements are flexible to Owners special requirements.

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