Costa Cruises, Bygg nr. 1394 & 1395 ved Meyer Turku, 183.200 Gt Cruiseskip "Costa Smeralda" & "Costa Toscana"


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Dokka fylles med vann for utdokking av "Costa Toscana"
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Alle foto: via Meyer Turku


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Costa Toscana floated out at Meyer Turku shipyard

15.1.2021, Turku, Finland. The LNG powered, 185 000 GT, cruise ship Costa Toscana was floated out to the outfitting pier at Meyer Turku shipyard today. Due to hard weather conditions, the actual filling of the dry dock started already yesterday.

“The float-out is always a very special occasion for us shipbuilders, as the ship is finally set to her natural environment. As this is also the start of the final stage of shipbuilding, all the exciting colors, venues and features will start taking their final form. In the coming months she will be finalized at the pier and then tested and commissioned in the autumn for delivery”, CEO of Meyer Turku, Tim Meyer, says.

As can already been seen from her outline, Costa Toscana will be a very beautiful ship. CEO Tim Meyer feels confident that passengers will greatly enjoy cruising onboard:

“On the start of the year and on this special occasion I want to look forward: I believe Costa Toscana will enter service in a world where passengers will once again be able to fully enjoy the wonders of the seas and the ship on a cruise holiday.”

“Looking beyond the pandemic, we are focusing on to complete the transformation of our fleet and operations into a sustainable model. In addition to LNG technology, we are developing other innovative solutions, such as shore power and batteries, as we continue to work towards achieving zero emissions over time”, Chief Commercial Officer of Costa Cruises Mario Zanetti explains.

Costa Toscana is a sister ship to Costa Smeralda, delivered from Turku in 2019. As befits her name, she will present to the guests the best of Italy’s famous region with delicacies, food, wine and relaxed living. Adam D. Tihany has curated the design of the interior, as with Costa Smeralda.

Costa Toscana is powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) and has been designed with a circular economy concept. The use of LNG will eliminate all sulfur dioxide emissions and almost all particular matter emissions (95-100% reduction), while also significantly lowering emissions of nitrogen oxides (direct reduction of 85%) and CO 2 (up to 20%). The ship also has an intelligent energy efficiency system, and 100 % of the ship’s recycling materials (such as plastic, paper, glass and aluminum) will be carried out of the ship and recycled

Costa Toscana facts:
Delivery: 2021
Flag: Italy
Length: 337m
Width: 42 m
Draught max: approx. 8.8m
Gross Tonnage: 185,000
Passenger cabins: 2663
Total passengers: approx. 6730
Balcony cabin ratio: 62,6%
Total crew: 1646
Service speed: 17kn
No. of main engines: 4
Er egentlig rart dette ikke har skjedd før, med alle de moderne passasjerskip som de siste 10 årene har fått livbåter
som henger utenfor skutesidene.
Mener å erindre det var problemer i New York for noen år siden med å legge til på de gamle pirene der, nettopp på grunn
av livbåtene.
Men typisk dårlig dag på kontoret altså....