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Dreifa Energy offers medium scale floating regas solutions to new LNG markets world wide

Dreifa Energy aims to reduce overall cost and risks to allow more markets to get access to the clean, affordable and reliable energy source by:
  • Offering infrastructure designed to meet actual and current demand, not unknown future demand
  • Providing short contract durations with optionality to extend depending on future real demand
  • Ensuring compatibility with existing and conventional LNG supply chain
Dreifa is developing a floating regasification unit (“FRU”) with regasification capacity of 50-300 mmscfd. The FRU can be chartered on short term contracts such as 5-years and include optionality to terminate early or extend depending on future LNG demand. This allows the client to commercially manage the project and market risks without jeopardising project economics

The FRU consists of regasification equipment and related utilities on a platform supply vessel (“PSV”). In June 2017, Dreifa purchased the PSV “Blue Betria” for conversion to FRU. Blue Betria was built in 1983 and extensively upgraded in 2015


The FSU will be acquired or chartered in the second hand market for LNG carriers. In order to minimize CAPEX/OPEX the vessel is envisioned having a storage capacity of 130,000 to 145,000 m3 and steam turbine propulsion

Transfer of LNG from the LNGC to the FSU and vapour return from the FSU to the LNGC during cargo loading will be done by industry standard ship to ship transfer using flexible hoses

Infrastructure in form of pipeline and/or flexible hoses will connect the FSU and FRU for the feed of LNG and excess BOG. This will depend on port configuration, distance from vessels to shore, etc. High pressure natural gas will be delivered from the FRU to battery limit via flexible pipeline or hard arm

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"Blue Betria" er forøvring opprinnelege "Sound Truck", bygd ved Ulstein Hatlø som bygg nr. 182 med levering 17. juni 1983. Har også hatt namnet "North Truck"

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the deal with Dreifa Energy did not happens. Now the Blue Betria is sold to Offshore Search Salvage and is renamed N35
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