Fred Olsen S.A., Bygg nr. 394 og 395 ved Austal Ships, Austal 117 "Bajamar Express" & "Banaderos Express"




8 OCTOBER 2017

Austal Limited (ASX:ASB) is proud to announce a milestone contract, valued at €126 million (A$190 million), to design and build two 117 metre high-speed vehicle passenger trimaran ferries for long term customer Fred Olsen S.A. of the Canary Islands, Spain.

The aluminium trimarans, designed by Austal Australia, will be the second and third trimarans to be delivered to Fred Olsen S.A. who already operate the world’s first and largest trimaran vehicle passenger ferry, the Benchijigua Express – designed and built by Austal in 2005.

Austal led the world in designing large aluminium trimarans for the ferry industry to answer a desire for improved passenger comfort over traditional catamaran designs. This innovation led to the development of the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) for the US Navy and is a capability in which Austal is the world leader.

Austal Chief Executive Officer David Singleton thanked Fred Olsen S.A. and the Olsen family for the company’s continued partnership and investment in Austal’s innovative trimaran technology and shipbuilding expertise.

"It is truly exciting to announce this major shipbuilding contract with Fred Olsen, who had the courage and foresight to work with Austal’s advanced trimaran technology in developing the Benchijigua Express in 2005," Mr Singleton said.

"The Benchijigua Express has become an industry benchmark for blue-water commercial ferry operations, exceeding expectations for performance, speed and customer experience in the Canary Islands."

Austal Vice President of Sales and Marketing Ben Marland added: "This is a watershed contract for our next generation trimaran design that will deliver new levels of seakeeping, passenger comfort and efficiency, and proves the trimaran is the right tool for the job in the challenging sea conditions of the Atlantic. It is a game-changer in the market."

The two new trimarans will each be capable of transporting over 1,100 passengers and up to 276 cars at speeds of up to 38 knots, with both commencing construction in 2018. The vessels are due for delivery in 29 and 36 months. The build location for the vessels will be announced separately.



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Desse blir bygg nr. 394 og 395 ved Austal Ships kor den første ser ut til å få namnet "Bajamar Express" og den andre "Banaderos Express"


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Austal Limited (Austal) (ASX: ASB) has commenced construction of the second of two 118 metre high-speed passenger trimaran ferries for Fred. Olsen Express in the Company’s Philippines shipyard.

The vessel is due to be delivered by the end of 2020 as part of an A$190 million contract with Fred. Olsen Express for two 118 metre trimarans, which was awarded to Austal in October 2017.

A metal cutting ceremony for the future “Bañaderos Express” was held in the Philippines shipyard, where the official names for the new vessels were officially announced by Fred. Olsen Express.

The next generation designs for the Bañaderos Express, and its sister ship, the Bajamar Express, were developed at Austal’s centre for excellence in maritime design in Henderson, Western Australia.

“These vessels developed for Fred. Olsen are among the most sophisticated and technologically advanced that Austal has developed,” Austal CEO David Singleton said.

“The Austal-designed and built 127 metre trimaran, the Benchijigua Express, has become the benchmark for blue-water commercial ferry operations since it entered service in 2005, exceeding expectations for performance, speed and customer experience in the Canary Islands. These new 118 metre trimaran vessels will continue to be a game-changer in the international high-speed ferry market when these vessels enter service for Fred. Olsen.

“In particular, the unique trimaran hull design and the stability that design provides, delivers a more comfortable ride for passengers, crew and cargo while maintaining the carrying capacity of a traditional catamaran in the challenging sea conditions in the Atlantic.”

Fred. Olsen Fleet Director Juan Ignacio Liaño announced the official naming of the two next generation trimarans will define the vessels’ identities.
“This year, our route between Gran Canaria and Tenerife islands reaches 25 years in operation,” Mr Liaño said. “In honour of this anniversary, the new trimarans will be named after the original vessels of the line, the famous “Bajamar” and “Bañaderos”, with the addition of "Express".

“The Cutting Metal Ceremony of the “Bañaderos Express”, the second new generation trimaran for Fred. Olsen Express, which we all are celebrating today, is one small step for all of us, but one giant leap for our customers.”

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AUSTAL (ASX: ASB) and long term customer Fred. Olsen, S.A. have partnered on two next generation trimarans with advanced environmental credentials.
Starting with the design process, Austal’s R&D team used optimized lightweight structures and the benefits of Austal’s ongoing weight reduction program to reduce the power required to achieve the vessel’s high speed.

This results in significantly lower emissions from the main engines compared to a steel vessel equivalent. In addition, all-aluminum vessels do not require the same corrosion protection required in steel vessels, eliminating potential pollutants from entering the marine environment.

Austal’s advanced hull form design includes a very slender center hull that reduces in-water drag. As well as reducing power demand, it has been specifically designed to reduce wave wash compared to other high speed vessels. This lowers the impact on surrounding environments such as beaches, costal environments and marine life forms, as well as on nearby vessels.

Austal’s latest trimaran design features the latest generation engines and waterjets which have substantially lower emissions compared to older technology. This combined with modern lightweight fibre optic cabling and low energy LED lighting has created one of the lowest emission high speed craft Austal has designed.
The vessel will be supported in operation with the latest Austal MARINELINK Smart Technology which assists the vessel’s crew to reduce energy consumption by providing real time analysis on optimum vessel routing, weather, sea conditions and operational use, all targeted at reducing the vessel’s fuel consumption and emissions and streamlining sustainment requirements.

Austal CEO David Singleton celebrated the long term partnership with Fred. Olsen and the benefits it supported in technological development.
“Since Austal first designed and built the Benchijigua Express 127m trimaran for Fred. Olsen Express in 2005 both companies have been committed to continuously developing new and innovative technologies that are at the forefront of maritime technology,” he said.

“With the increasing need for environmentally friendly transport solutions Austal is delighted to once again be leading the industry with a next generation solution for Fred. Olsen.”

Fred. Olsen Fleet Director, Juan Ignacio Liaño explained that sustainability and environmental care has always been in Fred. Olsen’s DNA.
“We have been working on pioneer measures in environmental efficiency matters for more than 45 years, and in Austal we have found the perfect partner to continue making progress on this path,” he said.

“Fred. Olsen is immersed in other environmental sustainability projects, such as navigation through ZEC areas, with the aim of protecting marine fauna; the replacement of the single-use plastics; the voluntary registration of the carbon footprint and the environmental certification ISO 14001 standard, which will certify our environmental management system.”

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Austal (ASX:ASB) and Canary Islands ferry company, Fred. Olsen S.A., are bringing together the best in commercial ferry interior design and premium customer experience for the new ‘Clase Oro’ VIP Lounge on board the new trimarans Bajamar Express and Bañaderos Express - currently under construction in Australia and the Philippines.

The two 118 metre high speed vehicle-passenger ferries are due for delivery to Fred. Olsen S.A. by April 2020 and by the end of 2020 respectively, and will feature new standards in passenger comfort throughout the ship, especially in the VIP Lounge.

Speaking at the recent Interferry 2019 conference in London, Austal CEO David Singleton highlighted the new benchmark in passenger comfort that will be set by the two new Fred. Olsen trimarans.

“The Bajamar Express and Bañaderos Express will really impress the travelling public, with new levels of comfort available in the popular ‘Clase Oro’ lounge,” Mr Singleton said.

“Passengers won’t want to leave this ship, with comforts that include an exclusive balcony area, executive-style reclining seats and GPS configurable, time-sensitive mood lighting.”

Based on the ships’ position (calculated by the GPS) and the timing of the voyage, the ‘human-centric’ lighting automatically adjusts to provide the optimum ambient lighting in the passenger lounges for the best possible customer experience.

Fred. Olsen Express Fleet Director Juan Ignacio Liaño has confirmed that ‘Clase Oro’ passengers will also benefit from priority boarding - and if travelling with a vehicle, priority departure from the ship.

“We really are dialling up the service available to all of our customers on these new ships, but our Clase Oro is truly exciting,” Mr Liaño said.
“You will certainly feel the difference in ‘Clase Oro’, which features the largest skylight on the ship and an improved, aerodynamic balcony design that improves the on-board experience.

“The Clase Oro outdoor terrace has been specifically re-designed to avoid wind gusts, and with new automatic doors that enable quick exit and re-entry to the lounge, our customers will enjoy a much more comfortable and enjoyable journey.”

The two new 118 metre trimarans, designed and constructed by Austal, will be the 4th and 5th high speed vehicle passenger ferries produced by Austal to join the Fred. Olsen S.A. fleet since 2003, and incorporate the very latest in exterior and interior design technology and innovation.

The new ships’ funnels and major pipework have been re-positioned and distributed to reduce noise not only in the Clase Oro lounge but throughout the vessels. A newly developed ceiling design and finish will also contribute to a more sound-proof passenger space that will be noticeably quieter, underway.

Benefiting from the successful, ongoing partnership in commercial vessel research and development between Austal and Fred. Olsen S.A., the new trimarans will also feature multiple bars and kiosks, a retail shop and a children’s play area that will further enhance passenger comfort, amenity and satisfaction.

With a capacity for more than 1,100 passengers (including 66 in the VIP Lounge) and 276 cars each, the Bajamar Express and Bañaderos Express will be very welcome additions to the Fred. Olsen S.A. fleet – and the Santa Cruz, Teneriffe and Agaete, Las Palmas routes in the Canary Islands.

Austal is constructing 2 x 118 metre trimarans for Fred. Olsen SA which will feature upgraded 'Clase Oro' (Gold Class) lounges offering a superior high speed ferry experience

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