Kvarken Link planlegger ny ferge for Vaasa-Umeå ruta


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Kvarken Link has announced plans to purchase a new ferry for its Vaasa-Umeå route.

Kvarken Link has selected four shipyards, three European and one Asian, for the final round of bidding on the new ferry order.

The shipyards’ bids must be presented to Kvarken Link by August 31, 2018 at the latest.

Evaluations, clarifications and negotiations between the shipyards and financiers will be carried out in September 2018, with the aim of having the contract signed by the end of the year.

The Finnish Government has promised support of €25 million (US$29 million) and the European lnvestment Bank will grant the applied loan when the contract with the shipyard is signed.

The new ferry is planned for delivery on April 30, 2021.

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Illustrasjon: via Kvarken Link


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The new Kvarken ferry will be built in Raumo

The Board of Directors of Kvarken Link have today decided to enter into a Letter of Intent with Rauma Marine Constructions Oy (RMC). The decision is based upon the result of a public procurement process initiated June 2nd 2018.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mayor Tomas Häyry, expresses his appreciation of the successful process and the result achieved:

"I would like to express my highest appreciation to all involved for the hard work performed, bringing the project to a success. The Board of Directors would also like to thank everybody in their different roles for the positive development of the future business relations between Ostrobothnia and Västerbotten."

Vessel running on gas and biogas

The ship is a modern ferry with 2 cargo decks with a total capacity of 1500 lanemeters and with drive-through arrangement, and a capacity of 800 passengers.

The ferry, commissioned by Kvarken Link, is a modern ship with 2 cargo decks, will accommodate around 800 passengers and has a freight capacity of 1,500 lane metres for lorries. The vessel will be designed to be environmentally friendly, with a machinery running on a dual fuel and battery solution. The main source of fuel is liquefied natural gas. The vessel will also be able to utilise, for example, biogas produced in Vaasa.

Kvarken Link is owned by the city of Umeå and the city of Vaasa, both of whom serve as guarantors of the financing.

Delivery of the vessel will take place April 30th 2021 at the latest.

Also Mr Mathias Lindström, director of the Kvarken Council, expresses his appreciation over the decision that Kvarken Link has taken:

"This is a result of a unique teamwork in the region and at the same time a receipt that most things are possible if you dare and really believe in your case."

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