"Maasdam" og "Veendam" solgt til Marella Cruises eller til det nye rederiet Blue Seas Cruises?


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As you know Fred Olsen cruises have just bought two of the four vessels on sale from Holland America Line, that left two more vessels available for smaller cruise lines. We have done extensive digging and speaking with all our industry contacts to find out for you who will be buying the MAASDAM and the VEENDAM.

Our sources have come up with two options, either they are going to MARELLA CRUISES to replace the Celebration and the Dream or ... what is more likely they will be going to a new 'start up' line called BLUE SEAS CRUISES who have just put a similar image of the ships on its website. See the image attached.

Time will confirm the latter.


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Behind this New venture Blue Seas Cruises is croatian Captain Rajko Zupan, who in April announced a deal with Wärtsilä to design up to six small expedition Cruise Ships. The name of the Company Amundsen Expeditions, for which I was not able to find an URL?
I find it hard to believe that both ventures will ever come to life....

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Can it might be greece company Majestic International Cruises who own Ocean Majesty and also was owned Ocean Monarch before she was sold who is the buyer?


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That Blue Seas render is obviously total fiction and has no relation whatsoever to Maasdam and Veendam. I think these two have been bought by Greek/Cypriot asset players and may take a while to return to service. Probably the new owners are hoping ship values will go up and then resell them.


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SEAJETS have bought from Carnival/HAL the Maasdam (new name Aegean Myth) and the Veendam (new Name Aegean Majesty) from well connected Greek friends I am told that Seajets (who as reported here before also bought the Oceana, now called Queen of the oceans) do NOT PLAN to operate a Cruise Line. They however believe that the Cruise Industry will start up and return to old Glory (?) and the investment in these ships can pay handsomely as second hand prices will rise. So, the Greeks must have picked up these ships for close to naught I guess.
But waht about those names? aren't they very old school? come on how many majesties and Queens did them Greeks operate already??