New Design for Corsica Ferries


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New Design for Corsica Ferries

Corsica Ferries has assigned to NAOS the preliminary design work for the new ferries which intends to build. A holistic investigation on the traffic characteristics and optimal vessel for the purpose has been performed by the technical department of Corsica Ferries, and then transferred to NAOS to design the corresponding ship. This new very challenging project shall feature extreme low fuel consumption and excellent seakeeping performances. Reliability will be a key point in this design; in addition to be a Safe Return to Port vessel, Owner requirements include the ability to remain SRTP even after the failure (or maintenance) of a single main component.

Great attention will paid to environment in all respect. Several fuel options shall be considered, as well as other energy saving features.

Extensive use of CFD is presently undertaken to analyse several hull form and bow shape.

The analysis is carried out both in calm water and in a range of operational sea state.

A first set of design documents will be ready at the end of this year, and will be used to start negotiation with several shipyards

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