Polstream bygger om VS 4411 DF til LNG bunkringskip?


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I forbindelse med at Unity Line bygger fire Hybrid RoPax ferger, så planlegger dei å bygge om en PSV til LNG bunkringskip:

Polsteam also plans to invest in PSV (Platform Supply Vessel) to LNG bunkering tanker conversion (with a hull platform readily available at one of Polish yards). That would mage a logical solution, if plans to build four LNG fueled ferries materialize.

While there are some solid initiatives and co-operation agreements signed (eg. between Gdansk based oil & gas upstream, refinery and downstream company Lotos, rendering also fuel supply services in Polish ports and Polish energy group, dealing mainly with natural gas, so far solely importing LNG through Świnoujście LNG terminal) on providing LNG bunkering services in Poland and there are plans (currently at pre-tender technical dialogue stage) to build a second berth at LNG terminal in Świnoujście, to serve small scale LNG and LNG bunkering tankers, these regard shore to ship (road tankers) supplies and none of the companies operating on Polish marine fuels market (even the ones operating bunker tanker fleets) have announced plans to invest in LNG bunkering tanker so far.

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Dette er vel kanskje tredje VS 4411 DF som Siem Offshore bestilte hos Remontowa med bygg nr. 856/3, men som dei ikkje overtok pga at den var så forsinka?

Skulle bli forøvrig blir "Siem Melody"

Siem Offshore calls off PSV order in Poland

Shipping company Siem Offshore has canceled the order for a platform supply vessel (PSV) made in Poland due to delay in delivery of the vessel.

Siem ordered four PSV vessels from Remontowa Shipbuilding in Poland almost three years ago, at the end of December 2013. The order was for four dual fueled PSVs of a VS 4411 DF design.

This type of platform supplier has an overall length of 89 meters, a beam of 19 meters, a deck area of 970 m2 and 5,500 dwt.

Siem Offshore said on Wednesday it has cancelled the shipbuilding contract for the PSV number three in the series due to delay in the delivery.

The shipping company added it is covered with Refund Guarantees from an international bank for all pre-delivery installments made under the contract.

Remontowa already delivered one PSV, the Siem Pride, in November 2015. The other three vessels, Siem Harmony, Siem Melody, and Siem Rhapsody, were all set for delivery in 2016.

Siem said at the end of October, in its 3Q 2016 report, it had secured long-term employment for one of the dual-fueled PSVs.

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