Quark Expeditions, Bygg nr. 487 ved Brodosplit Shipyard, LMG 200 PCS "Ultramarine"

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Contract for our first polar expedition cruise ship

Bergen, Norway – June 12, 2018: We are proud to announce that Quark Expeditions has placed an order for a polar expedition cruise ship of LMG Marin design. The ship will be built by Brodosplit shipyard as their NB487 and is scheduled for delivery by the third quarter of 2020. LMG Marin will deliver a basic design package in a contract with Brodosplit.

The vessel, designated LMG 200-PCS, is the result of a close cooperation with Quark and its partners. At 128 m in length, it has a capacity of 200 passengers and 116 crew members. The vessel is tailored for operations in polar and distant regions, and will be built according to DNV-GL polar class PC(6) standard. The vessel will have an unrivalled level of safety and is fully compliant with Safe Return to Port requirements, in addition to having a life boat capacity for all persons on board.

The polar expedition cruise ship has a strong emphasis on crew and passenger facilities. Excursion boats are stored indoors for safe and efficient operation by the crew. The top deck includes infrastructure for two helicopters that will provide an unprecedented and unique flight experience for the passengers. All passenger cabins have either large windows or a private balcony, with several cabins catering to disabled persons. The vessel is further equipped with a comfortable spa and wellness area, and two restaurants.

Passenger ships have always been an important market for LMG Marin. Throughout our 75 years of operation, we have designed more than 100 ferries, RoPax vessels and passenger vessels of various kinds, built at shipyards worldwide. The contract with Brodosplit for Quark Expedition’s new vessel is LMG Marin’s first in the polar expedition cruise ship segment and marks an important breakthrough in our focus on larger RoPax and passenger vessels.

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Brodosplit: First Steel Cut for Quark Expeditions’ New Cruise Ship

Croatian shipbuilder Brodosplit, part of DIV Group, has cut the first steel for Quark Expeditions’ new polar expedition cruise ship.

The steel-cutting ceremony for the 13,500 gross ton newbuild was held in Split on January 28, 2019.

Ordered in 2018, the polar ship newbuild from Quark Expeditions is said to be the first of its kind, combining new technology, long-range operational capability and advanced safety systems. The vessel has been designed by LMG Marin AS.

“Every aspect of the ship has been built with one thing in mind: continuing to redefine what is possible in polar adventure,” Andrew White, President of Quark Expeditions, said.

Scheduled for delivery in 2020, the vessel will be 128 meters long and 21.5 meters wide and will be able to accommodate up to 200 passengers. Among other features, it will have an interior Zodiac hangar and four embarkation points, as well as dual helicopters with simultaneously operable helidecks.

The ship’s numerous innovations are expected to minimize its environmental footprint, including a water treatment system, a waste handling system, a heat recovery system that recycles excess energy back into the ship, and the use of entirely recyclable materials to construct it. The dynamic positioning technology will also mean no need to anchor – avoiding damage to sensitive seabed ecosystems.

The new vessel will go on sale in spring 2019, with the launch of its inaugural Antarctic season in 2020-2021.

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Namnet på denne blir "Ultramarine"

Quark Expeditions Unveils Name of New Game-Changing Polar Expedition Ship

The new vessel boasts two twin-engine helicopters and two helidecks, the industry’s largest selection of adventure options, 20 quick-deploy Zodiacs, a best-in-class 70-day operational range, advanced sustainability features, and high-end, modern contemporary décor.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON—June 4, 2019: Quark Expeditions, the leader in polar adventures operating exclusively in the Arctic and Antarctica, today announced the name of their new polar expedition ship scheduled to set sail late in 2020.

The technologically-advanced vessel will be named Ultramarine.

The highly-anticipated new ship takes its name from the precious color of the same name: ultramarine, which means “beyond the sea.” These words, of course, speak to the very ethos of Quark Expeditions, which for the last three decades has been committed to helping people go beyond the predictable in polar exploration, to experience life-changing polar moments they never thought possible.
“We picked the name Ultramarine because it links us directly to the sea, which of course is integral to our identity,” said Andrew White, President of Quark Expeditions. “But the word ‘ultra,’ especially by its modern-day definition, ‘beyond what is ordinary,’ reflects our signature approach to polar exploration. We create expedition experiences that go beyond what others in the industry can offer—especially in terms of off-ship experiences. Ultramarine has been designed in a way that will continue to allow us to go beyond and take people to places no one else can.”

In a league of its own, Ultramarine will combine leading-edge technology and advanced safety systems that will allow passengers to get off the ship and deeper into the polar wilderness faster than ever before. The unique features of this advanced polar vessel will allow Quark Expeditions to continue to redefine what’s possible in the Polar Regions:
  • Two twin-engine helicopters and two helidecks: The helicopters on Ultramarine will be the safest and most capable helicopters in the Polar Regions. These robust twin-engine helicopters—which will have exceptional viewing spaces and exceed all industry standards for safety—will allow passengers to experience epic aerial perspectives of the Polar Regions and landings only accessible by air.
  • The industry’s largest selection of adventure options: Ultramarine will be the only ship in the polar waters to offer every off-ship adventure in Quark Expeditions’ robust adventure activity portfolio—including sea kayaking, paddling, hiking, mountaineering, cross-country skiing, stand up paddle boarding and now, for the first time ever, helicopter flight-seeing, heli-hiking and heli-skiing.
  • Twenty quick-deploy Zodiacs: Ultramarine will house 20 Zodiacs, located close to the waterline, which can be quickly deployed from both sides of the vessel at four embarkation points that will be easily accessible from two passenger ready rooms, allowing guests to get off the ship in less than 20 minutes—which is half the industry average—to enjoy more spontaneous off-ship adventures than previously possible.
  • Best-in-class 70-day operational range: Optimized fuel, water, provisioning, and waste-handling systems will enable a best-in-class, 70-day operational range that will allow Ultramarine to offer up a completely new set of polar experiences from exploring innovative itineraries to new, seldom-seen landing sites.
  • Advanced sustainability features: In keeping with Quark Expeditions’ recently unveiled Polar Promise sustainability framework, Ultramarine will include technical features that will minimize the ship’s environmental footprint to an extent previously unseen for a vessel of this size. It will also include environmentally-friendly innovations such as dynamic positioning, which will eliminate the need to drop anchor in sensitive seabed areas.
Ultramarine will be an unrivaled operational base for polar adventures,” said White. “This new vessel—in the hands of the most experienced team in the expedition industry—will allow our guests to go further into the Polar Regions than ever before while maintaining the same respect for nature that has always been paramount to us. Ultramarine will allow our guests to spend their days embracing the off-ship adventures that have made Quark Expeditions so popular. And once back on the ship after a day of polar exploration, they will be able to rest, relax and rejuvenate in a high-end, modern contemporary space.”

The inaugural season for Ultramarine is expected to go on sale this summer. The first voyages will set sail in the Antarctic 2020.21 season.


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Coin Ceremony For „Ultramarine“ Held At Brodosplit

For the first time, a coin ceremony was held at Brodosplit where the coin was welded to the keel of a polar cruise ship which will carry the name ''Ultramarine''.

Ultramarine is a technologically advanced polar expedition ship, contracted with the US company Quark Expeditions, a member of Travelopia Group which brings together the world's most diverse range of adventure travel companies.

The coin itself symbolizes to the client a personal approach to polar explorations. Quark Expeditions creates expeditionary experiences that go beyond what others in the industry have to offer - especially in terms of the experiences offered when passengers disembark. Ultramarine is designed in a way to be able to go further and take people to places that no one else can.

The ship 128 meters long, 21.5 meters wide and weighting 13,500 gross tons will set sail in 2020 accommodating up to 200 passengers in spacious cabins and public spaces. It offer an incredible range of adventure options, allowing guests to make the most of their spontaneous adventures when on land while enjoying the supreme comfort once they are back on board.

Ultramarine will be an operational base for unrevealed polar adventures. The new ship in the hands of the most experienced expedition team will enable guests to go deeper into the polar regions than ever before, maintaining always the respect for nature, which has always been Quark Expeditions' guiding principle. Ultramarine will allow guests to spend their days experiencing the off-ship adventures that made Quark Expeditions so popular. And once they return to the ship after a day spent on polar exploration, they will be able to rest and relax in a modern, contemporary, premium quality space.

This ship will be the new pride of Croatian shipbuilding and a Brodosplit's positive new step forward to the market of passenger ships up to 200 meters, where Croatian shipyards can compete and take the position of an indispensable European shipyard that builds very complex profit-making vessels and achieves high competitiveness.

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Detta är samma varv ,var bygdes under forna Jugoslaviens tid till Viking Line (SF-line) Kapella och Marella.Och om jag minns inte
hellt fel så kom ochså Isabella,Amorella och Frans Suel ?


Är det någon som vet redaren till denne Ultramarine? För Quark Expeditions verkar vara resebyrå,sugen stilling som bartender?Norsk flagga?