"Renøy" solgt til Tyskland som "Adler Cat"

Bengt Domben

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Ser at "Renøy" som ligger i Tromsø er solgt, og har skiftet navn til "Adler Cat" og er nå under tysk flagg.
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Thanks TEG!

So when RENØY is sold to NF offshore, she may will supply offshore windparks around Helgoland in the german bight.
The company owns to other cats, one of them is SEEWIND II, ex-Tidebris, ex-Strandafjord.
She can have their base on Helgoland, Wilhelmshaven or Cuxhaven.

I wondered about the Name ADLER CAT, because here we have a passenger ferry operator, called "Adler Schiffe". They name nearly all their ships "ADLER <...>" and they don't have a catamaran yet. ;)

Edit: newest news... "Adler Schiffe" is the owner of ADLER CAT. She will support MS ADLER EXPRESS in passenger service to Helgoland from the north frisian islands, which ADLER EXPRESS provided weekly in summertime besides her normal schedule.
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Homeport for "Adler Cat" is Hörnum

She is now at Oma for convertion, anyone have illustrasjon of this?


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According to this article http://www.kn-online.de/News/Aktuelle-Nachrichten-Schleswig-Holstein/Nachrichten-Norddeutschland/Adler-Schiffe-Neuer-Flitzer-fuers-Wattenmeer (with picture from Bengt) the number of seats will be raised to 230. The crane won't be needed, I think. So as the three car spaces.
The speed limit in the Nationalpark Wattenmeer (wadden sea) is limited to 16 kn. (please don't laugh now. ;) ). Her new half-sister there ADLER EXPRESS (monohull http://www.faktaomfartyg.se/adler_express_1993.htm ) has a certificate of exception to go 24 kn.

I remembered yesterday there was a nice FFR-Katamaran in Hammerfest I took a picture of when I was there "some" years ago...
To my surprise, it was RENØY. :)

Analog picture of RENØY seen in 2000 in the port of Hammerfest


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Two days ago, the weather was brilliant and I decided to take a tour with ADLER CAT. :)
Starting at the north frisian island of Amrum, we went to Hörnum/Sylt to collect some passengers. After that we headed to Helgoland (not Helgolandøya ;) ), which ADLER CAT visits daily. See https://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helgoland for more information.
We had a forecast for 0,8 m bølgehøyde, which seems low. ADLER CAT is so nice .... but short. :cool: She was sometimes jumping with short amounts of airtime (as we know of rollercoasters). Many many passengers ... let me say ...were not used to that kid of motion. :eek:;) From Amrum on, I had a smile on my face, and after some minutes when she speeded up to 30 kts, a big grin lastet there for a long time. :D Last time I had that feeling, was while staying on DRAUPNER for some days, shortly before she has been sold. It felt like coming home in a maritime way.

Hilsen, Daniel



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You mean on the first picture? There she just reduced speed and is riding her own waves, which are overtaking her. You can see the well balanced waterline on the 2nd pic.