Samsø Rederi, Bygg nr. ? ved Afai Southern Shipyard, 35m Passasjerkatamaran "Lilleøre"


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Municipal meeting regarding Samsø ferry

On Thursday February 7 Samsø’s district council will work out the details of a new express ferry, which will sail between Aarhus and Sælvig. The 11 district council members will amongst other things gain insight to what the new ferry will look like.

Samsø Municipality has brought in Incat Crowther for suggestions for the vessel's design. The vessel will be built at the Chinese shipyard Afai Southern Shipyard. It will be operated by the municipally owned Samsø shipping company

In addition to approving the ferry building and the economy details, the members of the district council are among other things going to discuss things such as ticket prices and sailing plans.

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Incat Crowther Ferry for Samso Rederi

Incat Crowther is pleased to announce construction of a 35m Catamaran Passenger Ferry for Samso Rederi in Denmark.

The Incat Crowther 35 will operate between the Aarhus and the island of Samso, an island of natural beauty sitting off the Jutland Peninsula. The intention of the new operation is to bolster tourism and trade between the island and the mainland. Community planning reports a new passenger ferry service with proper execution will bring greater economic benefit to the community.

As such, Incat Crowther was charged with developing an economically responsible solution. The vessel is optimized for high durability, low maintenance and efficient operation, whilst delivering a high level of passenger comfort and amenity.

The vessel will accommodate 296 passengers internally over two decks.

Passengers will board the vessel at one of three boarding stations on each side of the main deck; aft, midship and foredeck. The main deck features a large aft deck with double-decker racks for 60 bicycles. The main passenger cabin accommodates 180 passengers. Toilet facilities are located in the aft of the cabin, forward of which is a fully-featured kiosk. Adjacent to the midship boarding area is a pair of luggage racks. Areas of the main deck cabin are designated as being pet-friendly and specifically for kids. An additional 11 bikes can be stowed on the foredeck.

The upper deck cabin seats 116, with a bathroom for passengers and a dedicated bathroom for crew located forward. The open aft upper deck has 44 seats in addition to the rated passenger capacity, offering passengers freedom to move inside and out at safely designated times.

The vessel will be powered by a pair of MAN D2862 LE463 main engines, each producing 1029kW. She will operate at 25 knots at a modest MCR to reduce load on the engines and reduce maintenance intervals. Maximum speed will be 29.5 knots. The Incat Crowther hulls have been designed specifically for high efficiency and low fuel burn.

The vessel will be built to BV rules and flagged under the Danish Maritime Authority.

Incat Crowther is proud to be part of this project, bringing experience and expertise to a project in a way that benefits the Samso community.

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