Seabourn, Bygg nr. MAR172 og MAR173 ved T. Mariotti SpA, Expedisjonscruiseskip ”Seabourn Venture” & "Seabourn TBN"


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T. Mariotti and Damen partner for cruise newbuilding

Seabourn announces letter of intent for two ultra-luxury expedition vessels

T. Mariotti, leading Italian luxury cruise shipbuilding company, and Damen Shipyards Group have announced the creation of a new partnership to build cruise vessels. T. Mariotti, which will celebrate its 90th anniversary this year, has a long-standing reputation within the cruise industry. Damen, which celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2017, operates in different sectors across the maritime industry and has recently announced its intention to move into the cruise market. The partnership between the two companies is a complementary fusion of expertise and facilities that will focus on the construction of cruise vessels.

This partnership will operate under a new common brand, MARIOTTI DAMEN Cruise. As the two companies made their announcement, ultra-luxury cruise line Seabourn made public the signature of a letter of intent for two ultra-luxury expedition vessels with the newly-formed partnership.

T. Mariotti Managing Director Marco Ghiglione said, “We are very pleased to work together with Damen on the construction of newbuild cruise vessels as both Mariotti and Damen share a common vision of the future of the cruise industry. This long-term partnership will offer our current and prospective clients access to a comprehensive suite of shipbuilding services and capabilities in terms of high quality, sustainable vessels demanded by the cruise industry of tomorrow.”

Damen Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing Cruise Andrea Trevisan said, “We are very honored by this collaboration. The combination of T. Mariotti luxury cruise shipbuilding’s experience of long standing with the high-class facilities of Damen Shipyards Group represents a unique synergy in the cruise industry. Our partnership brings together two proud family businesses, both of which enjoy a reputation for shipbuilding excellence.”

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Seabourn Reveals First Details of Expedition Ships
March 06, 2019

Seabourn has revealed the first details of its new 264-guest expedition ships, set to debut in 2021 and 2022.

The ships will be able to operate with a high level of autonomy, the company said, which will allow them to travel farther than many ships sailing today.

The vessels will be built by Mariotti Damen at an estimated cost of $225 million each.

Both vessels will have global deployment capability, which will see them venturing farther north and south than any ship in Carnival Corporation history.

“Our primary goal in building these new ships is to give expedition travelers the best possible destination experience onboard and far afield, with an innovative design that enables us to get all guests out into the environment as quickly as possible to fulfill those travel wish lists,” said Robin West, vice president of Expedition Operations for Seabourn. “These ships are being designed from conception for expedition travel blended with ultra-luxury and personalized service by leading travel experts and seasoned professionals with great depth of experience in expedition, hospitality, and luxury cruising.”

The hull for Seabourn’s expedition ships will be constructed to PC6 Polar Class standards, making them capable of summer and autumn operation in medium first-year ice in Antarctica, the Arctic, and other destinations around the world.

Other operational design considerations being incorporated include shell doors placed right at the waterline giving them convenient access to step right into the onboard complement of Zodiacs.

Seabourn also said there will be an abundance of open deck space from bow to stern, 2,750-square meters.

The ships will be a brand new innovative design, created specifically for the ultra-luxury expedition traveler, the company said.

The first delivery is scheduled June 2021 and the second ship in May 2022.

There will be two submarines carried onboard.

The ships will also be designed to carry a complement of kayaks and 24 Zodiacs.

Each ship will feature 132 oceanfront veranda suites, which will be home for up to 264 guests.

Seabourn will continue to announce design and service details for the new ships in the coming months. Specific details about itineraries and booking availability will be released in Spring 2019. The first ship is currently planned to sail in the Arctic in late summer 2021, with a full summer season in Antarctica to follow.

Onboard crew will include an outstanding and well-traveled 26-person expedition team comprised of experienced wilderness experts, scientists, historians and naturalists.


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Desse to blir bygg nr. MAR172 og MAR173 ved Mariotti Damen samt at den første av desse får namnet "Seabourn Venture"


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Seabourn names first new ultra-luxury expedition ship "Seabourn Venture"

SEATTLE, March 13, 2019 – Seabourn, the world’s finest ultra-luxury cruise line, announced today that it will name its first new ultra-luxury purpose-built expedition ship Seabourn Venture, paying tribute to the remote destinations visited by the brand’s highly successful expedition and Ventures by Seabourn excursion programs and the fascinating places yet to be explored in the future.

Seabourn began offering expedition experiences during its first sailing to Antarctica in 2013 led by a highly qualified, world-class expedition team and those itineraries have been offered every season since. The success of the Antarctica program opened the door for similar optional experiences under the name Ventures by Seabourn featuring Zodiacs, kayaks, and guided hikes offered on Seabourn ships in a number of desirable destinations around the world, including Alaska, Australia & New Zealand, South America, and Northern European destinations such as Norway and Greenland.

“The name Seabourn Venture is an exciting step in the process of launching even more immersive voyages designed specifically for the expedition traveler who dares to go beyond the norm in terms of destinations and experiences they seek,” said Richard Meadows, president of Seabourn. “Combined with the team of 26 experts that will bring the expedition experience to life, we are going to draw on our pedigree to deliver breathtaking experiences and I know Seabourn Venture is going to create lifetime memories for the adventurer that wants to go farther, into more remote destinations than they may have ever seen before, in true Seabourn ultra-luxury.”

Seabourn Venture is scheduled to launch in June 2021, with a second yet-to-be-named sister ship slated to launch in May 2022. Both ships will be designed and built for diverse environments to PC6 Polar Class standards and will include a plethora of modern hardware and technology that will extend the ships global deployment and capabilities. The new ships, which are being built by T. Mariotti, will be a brand new innovative design, created specifically for the ultra-luxury expedition traveler, and will include many features that have made Seabourn ships so successful. A new and exciting offering will be two custom-built submarines carried onboard, providing an unforgettable view of the world beneath the ocean’s surface. The ships will also be designed to carry a complement of kayaks and 24 Zodiacs that can accommodate all onboard guests at once, which will allow for a truly immersive experience. Each ship will feature 132 luxurious oceanfront veranda suites. More details and full-color renderings of the ship and its interior spaces will be released in the months ahead.

Specific details about itineraries and booking availability will be released in Spring 2019. The first ship is currently planned to sail in the Arctic in late summer 2021, with a full summer season in Antarctica to follow.

Both expedition vessels will feature an onboard crew that will include outstanding and well-traveled expedition teams comprised of highly regarded wilderness experts, scientists, historians and naturalists. During each sailing, team members regularly interact with guests, providing keen insight to deliver a rich holistic travel experience. These fascinating, accomplished experts are also part of the Seabourn Conversations program, providing in-depth insights into the history, ecology and culture of the places they visit. Their valuable insights are offered both in formal presentations on a variety of topics and in more casual conversations over meals or at leisure.

Seabourn continues to represent the pinnacle of ultra-luxury travel with intimate ships offering key elements that set the line apart: spacious, thoughtfully appointed suites, many with verandas and all 100% ocean front; superb dining in a choice of venues; complimentary premium spirits and fine wines available on board at all times; award-winning service and a relaxed, sociable atmosphere that makes guests feel right at home on board. The ships travel the globe to many of the world’s most desirable destinations, including marquee cities, more than 170 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and lesser-known ports and hideaways.

"Seabourn Venture"

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Please note Damen is no longer involved in these two ships, it is only Mariotti now, with perhaps some backup from Fincantieri, as they are buying 10% of Mariotti's holding company Genova Industrie Navali (GIN).


Damen, T. Mariotti part ways but Damen Cruise has a newbuild deal

T. Mariotti and Damen decided, in February, to end their cruise partnership announced in July 2018 in 'good harmony and in an amicable manner,' according to Andrea Trevisan, SVP sales and marketing, Damen Cruise.

However, Damen's cruise newbuilding ambitions remain 'very strong' on its own under the dedicated 'Damen Cruise' brand, he added.

New center of cruise shipbuilding excellence
The company is setting up its new large facilities at Damen Shipyards Mangalia, Romania, where it has had operational control since last July, to become a center of cruise shipbuilding excellence, including the complete outfitting of cruise ships with leading industry suppliers.

First cruise contact inked
'We are very proud to have sealed in February the first cruise contract in our 91-year history. The contract is for an innovative luxury expedition cruise ship, construction of which will be fully executed by Damen. At the moment we cannot disclose the owner, but we expect to send out an official release within the next four weeks,' Trevisan said.

'We are offering new European capacity, which the cruise industry currently needs, and a long-term proposition to our clients with our dedicated global cruise maintenance and upgrade services. These services are experiencing an unprecedented success in cruise repair and conversion bookings at our yards.'

Backed by Damen Group's strength in financing large projects
Trevisan added that Damen's global cruise proposition is being supported by the Damen Group corporate experience and strength in financing large projects with AAA European institutions, 'which is of crucial importance to succeed in this kind of cruise project.'

As earlier reported, Fincantieri and Genova Industrie Navali—the holding company consisting of Genoa shipyards, T. Mariotti and San Giorgio del Porto—have reached a cooperation agreement covering areas ranging from newbuildings, to ship repair, conversions and outfitting.

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Fincantieri and Genova Industrie Navali form new cooperation

GIN consists of luxury cruise shipbuilder T. Mariotti and repair yard San Giorgio del Porto

Fincantieri and Genova Industrie Navali (GIN)—the holding company founded in 2008 from the merger of two historical Genoa shipyards, T. Mariotti and San Giorgio del Porto—have reached a cooperation agreement covering areas ranging from newbuildings, to ship repair, conversions and outfitting.

Minority stake in T. Mariotti
This agreement provides for Fincantieri's acquisistion of a minority stake in GIN Group’s holding company and an option for a minority stake in T. Mariotti.

Fincantieri said its stake will help GIN to achieve further financial strength, which is increasingly important to take on complex projects and to overcome market challenges, especially in the sector of small and medium-sized luxury cruise ship construction.

The Seabourn expedition ship newbuilds, initially announced as going to a newly formed venture between T. Mariotti and Damen, are now expected to go to the Fincantieri-Mariotti venture.

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