"Skandi Møgster"


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Skandi Mogster has been recently reported sold to undisclosed owner by DOF.

I managed to find out the new name - Sar Loke and owner - Olsen Gruppen AS (besides Sar Loke owning fishing vessels only), ship manager - Fruholmen AS (Olsen Gruppen) and technical manager - Hoyland Offshore AS.

The ship is coming to Szczecin, Poland. It is about to pick up something (I do not know, what - any steel structure? item of equipment?) from one part of former Szczecin Shipyard (managed by one company as landlord) and later to be berthed at a quay in another part of former Szczecin Shipyard (managed by another landlord). In each of the two separate parts of former Szczecin Shipyard several companies operate (marine equipment manufacturers, ship steel structures fabricators, builders of small ships - both outfitted and partly outfitted hulls). Amont these companies are also the ones building fish farm feeding barges, etc.

Do anyone know, and might share information, please, what will be the destiny (possibly new purpose / function) of ex Skandi Mogster?... Will it be any conversion (into what) or just repairs and maintenance done in Szczecin?...