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Abandoned Cargo Ship Found Drifting in the Mid-Atlantic

  • MV alta found
The Royal Navy ice patrol ship stumbled upon a mysterious ghost ship while in underway in the mid-Atlantic Ocean earlier this week.
The Royal Navy’s HMS Protector came across the abandoned vessel on August 30 as it sailed towards Bermuda to assist with hurricane relief efforts.
The crew on board the vessel attempted to make contact with the ship but received no response in return.

Although the ship’s identity has not been confirmed, it is speculated to be the M/V Alta, which was abandoned back in October 2018 approximately 1,380 miles southeast of Bermuda.

The M/V Alta made headlines after the U.S. Coast Guard rescued its 10 crew members who were stranded aboard the disabled ship for almost 20 days and running low on food and water. The Coast Guard says it was initially notified on September 30, 2018 that the 250-foot Tanzanian-flagged cargo ship was rendered disabled while transiting from Greece to Haiti, and the crew was unable to make repairs.


Kilde: https://gcaptain.com/abandoned-cargo-ship-found-drifting-in-the-mid-atlantic/


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Dette er ex < Tananger > av Bergen , bygget på Trønderverftet i Hommelvik i 1976 for K/S A/S Tananger ( Rederiet Harald Sætre A/S ) Gikk på T/C til Stavangerske D/S .

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Nokre bilder av "Alta" - ligger hard på land ser det ut til?

Alle foto: Ukjent