Stadt Sjøtransport utvider flåten


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Ser på at Stadt Sjøtransport søker etter mannskap i forbindelse med at dei nå utvider flåten

Noken som veit kva slepebåt dei har kjøpt, er det "Silex" fra Østensjø kanskje?


Dette er totalt skudd i blinde fra min side. Aner ikkje om det er denne de har kjøpt men Thor ex Thorax(Østensjø) har lagt ute til salgs en stund der eigerene er ivrige etter å få solgt.

Mulig litt for stor båt til Stadt?


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Kindly be informed that Owners, Bugsertjeneste IV AS, has decided to sell Silex.

Silex was delivered in 1994 and is the oldest vessel in our fleet but still in very good condition and performing very well. However, we were approached by the Buyers and after some negotiations we have agreed a deal that is recommended to and accepted by the Owners. The vessel will be delivered to the Buyers between 1. April and 31. May 2021.

The crew on board the tug have been informed and alternative vessels are being evaluated. The sale of Silex will not directly create any redundancies but as always the overall situation will depend on the total contract situation within the fleet going forward and whether we can justify to relocate personnel to other vessels. The Crew Department will revert with details for the relevant personnel closer to delivery of Silex.

Other than that, I do hope that all employees are doing fine despite the very special situation we are all living and working in. On behalf of Østensjø I would again like to express my sincere thanks for the way you handle the situation on board and ashore and for all your efforts in making sure that we are still able to operate and stay in business.

Stay safe and all the best – “Everything will be alright”