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Storylines Releases New Ship Renderings

Storylines, a residence ship start up, has released new ship renderings of the M/V Narrative, calling it the largest private residence at sea.
The company said the ship, which it will acquire secondhand but did not name, would be entering a European shipyard this January (2020) for an extensive refurbishment.

"The MV Narrative will undergo a massive refurbishment, her transformation integrating everything you love about home into your new Home at Sea," the company said.

There will be 630 condos aboard, according to company documentation, with an "incredible amount of outdoor space, natural light and casual elegance."
"An initial purchase of the vessel combined with monthly assessments allow for the largest and most affordable residential development afloat," the company said on its website. "We commit to a life expectancy of the ship being approximately 21 years from the time of her conversion into a residential vessel. Once this time frame is close to expiry, Storylines will liquidate (sell) the vessel, and will take steps to proportionally distribute the collected proceeds between the resident owners."

Pricing starts at $299,000 and an average entry price of $475,000 including monthly fees.

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