Sunstone - Bygg nr. CMHI-196-1/-10 ved CMHI, ULSTEIN CX103 "Greg Mortimer/Sylvia Earle/Ocean Victory,Explorer,Odyssey,Discoverer,Albatros/TBN/TBN/TBN"


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Gjennombrot innan cruise 1 + 9

Ulstein Design & Solutions AS har vunne ein svært viktig kontrakt med China Merchants Group (CMG) som skal bygge eit ekspedisjonscruiseskip til skipseigar SunStone. Kontrakten inkluderer sal av ein design- og utstyrspakke til eitt skip, med opsjonar på heile ni fartøy.

-Vi har jobba systematisk med for å etablere oss i dette segmentet og skape innovative løysingar som dekker kunden sine behov. Kontrakten er eit svært viktig gjennombrot for oss innan dette segmentet . Med over 100 års erfaring innan skipsbygging og utvikling skal vi skape nye gode løysingar for våre kundar, seier Tore Ulstein, visekonsernsjef i Ulstein Group.

-Dette er ein strategisk svært viktig kontrakt for oss og vi er svært glade for at valet falt på oss som leverandør av design- og utstyrspakke. Samarbeidet mellom reiar, verftet, interiørdesignar, meglar, underleverandørar og våre eigne tilsette og dei andre partane som er involverte, seier administrerande direktør i Ulstein Design & Solutions AS, Eva Kristensen.

Fartøyet, som er av type ULSTEIN CX103, blir 104,3 meter langt og får ei breidde på 18,4 meter. Skipet vil ha plass til 255 personar om bord. Skroget får polarklasse PC6 og utstyret har isklasse 1A. Skipet oppfyller krava for «Safe Return To Port» og Virtual Anchorage. Skipet skal byggast på verftet til China Merchants Heavy Industry for reiarlaget SunStone og skal leverast i 2019.

Ulstein Power & Control AS har også fått kontrakt på systemleveransar. Dette omfattar brusystemet ULSTEIN BRIDGE, kommunikasjons- og underhaldningssystemet ULSTEIN COM, det integrerte automasjonssystemet ULSTEIN IAS og powerpakka ULSTEIN POWER. Utstyrsleveransen er sett til første kvartal 2018.


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Australia’s Aurora Expeditions takes SunStone's first X-BOW newbuild from China

Aurora Expeditions has ordered its first state-of-the-art ice class 1A ship to be built in China

Australian-owned Aurora Expeditions has ordered its first cutting-edge, ice class 1A newbuild. The yet-to-be-named 104mtr ship, to be built by China Merchants Heavy Industry (Jiangsu) Co. Ltd. near Shanghai, is one of four that Miami-based SunStone Ships has arranged at the yard.

Aurora Expeditions is the first operator to be disclosed for this multi-ship SunStone order and it has options on the other three.

The ship will be delivered in time for Aurora’s November to March 2019/2020 Antarctic season.

Aurora's md Robert Halfpenny said the company is excited to field the first cruise vessel to use patented X-BOW (pronounced ‘crossbow’) technology that will make the ocean-going experience as safe and comfortable as possible in the polar regions.

The design is in service for non-passenger ships; currently, more than 100 vessels with this bow concept are being constructed or in operations around the world.

Instead of a traditional bow, the tapered fore ship will allow the new vessel to pierce waves with much greater stability.

Halfpenny said that while a traditional bow vessel rises on the waves and then drops suddenly onto the surface of the water, an X-BOW ship is less subjected to the vertical motions induced by the waves and continues on course more smoothly, maintaining speed and using less fuel.

He said the new technology will make open sea journeys, like Antarctica’s notorious Drake Passage, more pleasant for passengers ‘than other small ships on the market today.’

At a time when the cruise industry is focused on six-star luxury and on-board activities to attract passengers, Aurora Expeditions remains steadfast in its belief that its destinations are best-experienced by small groups.

A custom-designed platform will cater for additional numbers of kayakers and divers and a mud room for the easy preparation of climbers and skiers.

Small inflatable Zodiac craft will continue to carry expeditioners between ship and shore, with a dedicated sea-level Zodiac loading platform for quick and easy boarding.

‘In between adventures, passengers will return to the warm, friendly and inclusive onboard atmosphere for which Aurora Expeditions is well-known,’ Halfpenny said.

‘Add to this private bathroom facilities, cabin balconies, a 180-degree indoor observation deck, wellness facilities including gymnasium, sauna and spa and plenty of outdoor viewing areas for additional enjoyment and comfort,’ he said.

Itineraries for the new ship are expected to be released later this year.

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Aurora Expeditions names new expedition ship Greg Mortimer

On the naming of the ship, Mortimer said: “I’m both honoured and humbled to share my name with a vessel that marries the pioneering heritage of Aurora Expeditions with bold technology, aggressive design and innovation fit for purpose. I’m tickled pink that Aurora continues to be at the forefront of exploration.”

Robert Halfpenny, Managing Director of Aurora Expeditions, said: “We are excited to be the first to market with the ULSTEIN X-BOW® exciting new design and we’re delighted that our ship will bear the Greg Mortimer name. It’s a proud name that will ensure Greg’s legacy and vision for small group voyages continues to burn brightly into the future.”

The main advantage of the ULSTEIN X-BOW® is its ability to pierce waves with much greater stability than a traditional bow. While a traditional bow vessel rises on the waves and then drops violently onto the surface of the water, an ULSTEIN X-BOW® vessel is subjected less to the vertical motions induced by the waves. Because it uses less fuel to get through the waves, it also improves fuel efficiency and reduces air emissions.

While SOLAS regulations do not require return-to-port technology for a ship of this size, the ship will be fitted with the latest return-to-port propulsion system. Safety is a core principle for Aurora Expeditions.

Greg Mortimer will be fitted with a duplicated propulsion system, enabling the ship to maintain operating conditions and comfort, in the case of any single failure of items relative to the propulsion or power generating system,” Halfpenny explained.

“If one fails, the other does not lose any functionality, providing for a safe return to port.”

Greg Mortimer is set to conduct its first sea voyage adventure in 2019/20.

The new ship will complement the company’s existing fleet of vessels and destinations. Itineraries for the new ship are expected for release in early 2018.

Aurora Expeditions marks 25 years of Antarctic explorationJuly 26, 2017In "Cruise"

Coral Expeditions launches inaugural Asia sailingsJanuary 28, 2016In "Cruise"

Silversea launches expedition leadership training academyJuly 13, 2017In "Cruise"

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"Greg Mortimer"

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Wärtsilä engines and exhaust gas cleaning chosen for new cruise ship

Wärtsilä Corporation, Press release, 23 November 2017 at 9.30 a.m. EET

The technology group Wärtsilä has been contracted to supply the engines and exhaust gas cleaning systems for a new 104 metres long exploration cruise vessel. The ship is being built at the China Merchants Heavy Industry (Jiangsu) Co shipyard in China for Sunstone Ships Inc of Miami, USA. There are options for an additional nine vessels. The contract with Wärtsilä was placed by Ulstein Design and Solutions of Norway, the company responsible for delivering the design and equipment package to the yard. The order was booked in June 2017.

The full Wärtsilä scope of supply comprises two 6-cylinder Wärtsilä 20 engines fitted with the Wärtsilä NOR (NOx Reducer) exhaust gas cleaning system, and two 8-cylinder Wärtsilä 20 engines. The Wärtsilä NOR is based on SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology. The system is compliant with various NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) emission reduction needs, such as the IMO Tier III rules.

"We are delighted to be cooperating with the Ulstein company in this newbuild project. The Wärtsilä 20 engine is a very good product fit for this vessel, while the NOR system is optimised and validated for all our medium speed engines in terms of reliability, flexibility and size," says Cato Esperø, Sales Director, Wärtsilä Norway.

"Reliability and performance are important criteria for cruise vessels since they are mostly operating to strict schedules. At the same time, environmental sustainability is today an essential element in the cruise sector. Wärtsilä's reputation speaks for itself in all these areas," says Ove Dimmen, Sales manager, Ulstein Design & Solutions AS.

The Wärtsilä equipment will be delivered to the yard in January 2018, and the ship is expected to begin operations in September 2019.


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"Greg Mortimer" eller "Infinity"?

Det ser ut av Greg Mortimer ...

X-BOW ship to be named after Australian mountaineer and Aurora’s founder

The Greg Mortimer's tapered bow will allow it to pierce waves with much greater stability

Australian-owned Aurora Expeditions announced that its new ship, which will use patented X-BOW (pronounced ‘crossbow’) technology, is to be named Greg Mortimer to honour the company’s founder.

Mortimer, who was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for his mountaineering exploits, founded Aurora Expeditions with his wife, adventure travel specialist Margaret Werner. Named after Sir Douglas Mawson’s ship, Aurora made its first journey to Antarctica in 1992 and is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

As reported here in May, the 104mtr ice class 1A ship being built in China will launch in 2019. Itineraries are due for release early next year.

The main advantage of the Ulstein X-BOW is its ability to pierce waves with much greater stability than a traditional bow.

Because it uses less fuel to get through the waves, it also improves fuel efficiency and reduces air emissions.

‘I’m both honoured and humbled to share my name with a vessel that marries the pioneering heritage of Aurora Expeditions with bold technology, aggressive design and innovation,’ Mortimer said. ‘I’m tickled pink that Aurora continues to be at the forefront of exploration.’

Aurora Expeditions md Robert Halfpenny said the company is delighted its new ship will bear the Greg Mortimer name.

‘It is a proud name that will ensure Greg’s legacy and vision for small group voyages continues to burn brightly into the future,' Halfpenny said.

Posted 22 November 2017
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Aurora Expeditions Announces Program for New Ship

Aurora Expedition today launched the full program for its new expedition ship, the Greg Mortimer, and its inaugural 2019-2020 polar season.

The ship is one of up to 10 being built by SunStone Ships in China.

Following Greg Mortimer’s maiden sea voyage to Antarctica in late October 2019, the ship will operate an additional 20 expeditions across the 2019-2020 season with itineraries spanning Antarctica (Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and Falkland Islands) and the Arctic (Svalbard, Franz Josef Land, East Greenland, Jan Mayen, Iceland and Norway).

Les meir på sidene til Cruise Industry News

"Greg Mortimer"

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Fra Late Cruise News


China’s Arctic Policy And Aurora’s Greg Mortimer

On January 26, China issued a publication called “China’s Arctic Policy,” in which it stated that its fourth priority in the Arctic would be to develop Arctic tourism. Its first priority is to participate in developing shipping routes, second to participate in developing oil and gas resources and third to participate in Arctic fisheries. Under tourism, China stated that:

• It would advocate low-carbon tourism, ecotourism, and responsible tourism, and hopes to contribute to the sustainable development of Arctic tourism.

• As a source market for tourists to the Arctic, China would encourage its enterprises to cooperate with Arctic states in developing tourism in the region.

• It would call for continuous efforts to enhance security and rescue systems to ensure the safety of tourists in the Arctic, and that

• Its training and regulation of Chinese tourism agencies involved in Arctic tourism would endeavour to raise the environmental awareness of Chinese tourists.

• China’s participation was said to be on the basis that Arctic residents, including the indigenous peoples, will benefit from the development of Arctic resources.

China joined the International Arctic Science Committee in 1996, and since 1999 it has organised a number of scientific expeditions in the Arctic with its research ship Xue Long (Snow Dragon), which crossed the Northern Sea Route from China to Norway in 2012 and the Northwest Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific in 2017. A second icebreaker, to be named Xue Long 2, is now being built at China’s Jiangnan Shipyard for delivery in 2019.

Aurora Expeditions’ Greg Mortimer (Click to enlarge)

China has two research stations in Antarctica and one at Svalbard. It became an observer member of the Arctic Council in 2013 and its Cosco Shipping has sailed vessels through the Northern Sea Route.

Meanwhile, beyond its Arctic Policy, China already has orders to built four polar expedition ships and options to build half a dozen more, all for the account of Sunstone Ships of Miami and its clientele. Other countries too are getting in on an Arctic tourism boom.

Australian-based Aurora Expeditions, for example, has been blazing its way through ice in recent years and is due next year to introduce its first expedition ship newbuilding, the 160-berth Greg Mortimer, the first of the ships being built in China.

Aurora was the first western company to offer a full transit of the Northern Sea Route above Russia when on September 5, 2011, its chartered Russian vessel Akademik Shokalskiy became one the first ice-strengthened passenger ships to complete Russia’s Northern Sea Route, arriving at Anadyr from Murmansk with 50 passengers.

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises’ Hanseatic became the first non-Russian passenger ship to traverse the Northeast Passage (Click to enlarge)

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises’ 184-berth Hanseatic became the first non-Russian passenger ship to traverse the Northeast Passage, when she did so from Nome, Alaska, to Bodo, Norway, in 2014.

Heritage Expeditions of New Zealand, using the same Akademik Shokalskiy that Aurora had used in 2011, successfully completed a double transit of the Northern Sea Route from Anadyr to Murmansk and back in 2017.

But Aurora Expeditions will become the first operator of expedition voyages to take delivery of a vessel from a Chinese shipyard, when its Greg Mortimer is delivered in August 2019.

Aurora has teamed up with SunStone Ships to create a design for its first purpose-built expedition vessel.

SunStone Ships and China Merchants Industry Holdings (CMIH) have signed an agreement for four vessels with options for an additional six.

CMIH has in turn entered into an agreement with Norwegian ship designers Ulstein, who will supply the vessel’s design and equipment package and supervise the vessels’ construction. The 341-foot 8,000-ton Ice Class 1A vessels will be built to the latest polar code specifications.

Aurora’s Greg Mortimer will have a patented X-Bow, created by Ulstein. This is an inverted bow concept that’s been used on over 100 vessels in the shipping industry so far. But the Greg Mortimer is the first expedition cruise ship to utilise this technology.

The tapered bow results in a wave piercing effect in all wave heights, reducing pitching and bow impact loads in big seas compared to conventional bulbous bow shapes.

While a traditional bow vessel rises on the waves and then drops violently onto the surface of the water, an X-Bow vessel, less subject to the vertical motions induced by the waves, continues on course more smoothly, while maintaining its speed. Because it uses less fuel to get through the waves, it also helps to save energy.


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Steel Cut for First SunStone Newbuild in China
March 17, 2018

China Merchants Group officially cut steel for the first of up to 10 newbuild expedition ships for SunStone ships at a ceremony at Haimen in Jiangsu Province.

CMIG General Manager Xianfu Hu said: “Cruise manufacturing is a target specified in the Made In China 2025 initiative and will accelerate China’s cruise Industry development. Under CMG’s strategy to develop a comprehensive cruise industrial chain, we aim to be China’s leading equipment manufacturer in the industry. We will use expedition cruise ships as a starting point and work towards manufacturing of mid-large scale cruise ships.”

Also present at the signing was SunStone CEO Niels-Erik Lund.

The first ship has been named the Greg Mortimer and will be chartered to Aurora Expeditions for the 2019-2020 Antarctica season.
Ulstein Design and Solutions will supply the design and equipment package for the new SunStone expedition ships, as well as the supervision for the building of the vessels.

The ships will have between 80 and 95 staterooms, depending on configuration, and be classed by Bureau Veritas.

CMIH has also entered into an agreement with Mäkinen, which will establish a cabin assembly plant and interior workshop at the shipyard’s facilities, and will be responsible for all interior spaces on the newbuilds.

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SunStone Firms Up More Expedition Ships Citing Demand
April 26, 2018

SunStone Ships has announced it has firmed up a second shipbuilding contract for its second expedition newbuild with China Merchant Heavy Industries. The Miami-based company is the largest supplier of expedition ships in the world on a charter basis, and is aggressively moving forward with a newbuilding program in China.

The first ship, the Greg Mortimer, will be delivered to Aurora Expeditions next summer (2019), while a second ship is now scheduled for an August 2020 delivery, the company said, in a prepared release.

Two more ships, scheduled for 2021 deliveries, already have signed charter contracts, the company said.

Similar to the first ship, the second vessel will be an Infinity-class X-bow newbuild with capacity for 160 guests.

SunStone’s President & CEO, Niels-Erik Lund stated: "While we aren’t yet ready to announce the long-term charterer of the second vessel, we are happy to report that long-term charter contracts have already been signed for the INFINITY III and INFINITY IV.”

The INFINITY II contract was signed by David Zhu, Director of CMHI, and Lund.

SunStone has a contract to build four expedition ships in China with an option for an additional six.

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SunStone inks shipbuilding contract for third expedition cruise ship

JUNE 6, 2018 — Miami, FL, headquartered SunStone Ships, Inc. has signed an agreement with shipbuilder China Merchants Industry Holdings Co. Ltd. to build a third Ulstein CX103 design Infinity-class expedition ship, to be named Ocean Victory. This newbuild will be delivered in March, 2021.

SunStone's President & CEO, Niels-Erik Lund commented, "We are pleased with the rapid adoption of the Infinity-class vessels. It seems our European design & technology, combined with lower overall operating costs ticks all the boxes for the small and expedition-ship market."

SunStone has signed a long term time charter contract for the Ocean Victory. The vessel will be technically managed by Cruise Management International, Miami. Hotel operations will be handled by CMI Leisure, Miami.

Steel for the first Infinity-class ship was cut earlier this year at CMHI's Haimen shipyard. Named the Greg Mortimer, it is scheduled for delivery August 2019 and goes on charter to Aurora Cruises, Australia

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On 12 June 2018 at 10.18 a.m., the keel laying ceremony of the 'Greg Mortimer' expedition cruise vessel for SunStone Ships was held at CMHI, China.

The vessel is being constructed at the CMHI (China Merchants Heavy Industry) yard in Haimen.

The combination of lucky numbers implies that this vessel will become 'definitely prosperous'.

ULSTEIN has designed the polar class, X-BOW expedition cruise vessel, and also provides the equipment package for one vessel and options for additionally nine vessels. The equipment package includes the bridge system, ULSTEIN COM and integrated automation system ULSTEIN IAS and ULSTEIN POWER, and site team support to ensure the vessel delivery time.

The vessel is based on the CX103 design and sports a Polar Class 6 notation. It measures 104.3 m in length and 18.4 m in the beam.

The vessel will be operating for Aurora Expeditions, and has received the name Greg Mortimer, in honour of the company's adventurous co-founder.

The ship can accommodate totally 255 persons, including crew. For expedition cruises in the polar regions, the vessel will take on just 120 passengers.

X-BOW hull line design
See how Aurora Expeditions describe ULSTEIN's proven X-BOW design, which for the first time has been implemented in a cruise vessel.

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Begge foto: Ukjent via Ulstein Group


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SunStone Ships orders second expedition cruise vessel from Ulstein

In 2017, Ulstein Design & Solutions AS announced their first design and equipment contract on an X-BOW expedition cruise vessel for ship owner SunStone Ships. The contract included nine options, and the first option has now been declared.

The first vessel for SunStone, which has received the name ‘Greg Mortimer’, is well underway at the CMHI (China Merchants Heavy Industry) yard, and is set to sail off for her first cruise after her completion in Q4 2019. This vessel, as well as the next one, have been chartered by the Australian Aurora Expeditions.

“We decided to partner up with Ulstein due to their hull and the technical design, as well as their site team in China to supervise the production,” said Niels-Erik Lund, President/CEO SunStone Ships when announcing the first vessel. He stated: “It was of utmost importance that we developed an expedition cruise vessel of high quality and with proven design and technology. Ulstein has designed more than 105 vessels with the X-BOW design. These hulls have been developed for rough weather, high comfort and great fuel efficiency.”

Tore Ulstein, deputy CEO in Ulstein Group and COO Design & Solutions comments:

«We are pleased that SunStone starts to declare their options with CMHI. This shows that our designs and solutions fulfil their expectations. In addition to the design and equipment package, we will support the yard with a site team. This includes pre-commissioning and commissioning, testing and sea trial assistance. When the SunStone vessels start cruising, we believe they will be highly attractive to the expedition cruise passengers.».

Ulstein’s contract is with the China Merchants Group (CMG), China, and the vessels will be built at their yard. This second ship is scheduled for delivery in August 2020.

Ulstein is responsible for the delivery of the design and equipment package with all main equipment being of proven technology and from well-known manufacturers in Europe.

The expedition cruise vessels are the first of their kind in which the ULSTEIN X-BOW® hull design has been implemented. The shape of the X-BOW enables the passengers to stand at the bow and look directly down to where the waves meet the hull. The bow leads to reduced ship movements, and therefore a more comfortable stay. The X-BOW has a tapered fore ship shape to pierce waves of all heights, resulting in reduced pitching and bow impact loads in rough seas. It prevents the vessel from rising on the waves and dropping violently onto the water’s surface. The vessel needs less fuel to cut through the waves, reducing fuel costs and energy use, and thus reducing emissions.

It's not just the X-BOW® that makes these ships stand out. The layout is designed for indoor excellence and outdoor experiences. Observation decks and balconies offer a range of views to the spectacular surroundings. A high class restaurant and bar serve all-day delicacies and refreshments.

The ULSTEIN CX103 expedition cruise ship is 104.3 metres long and 18.4 metres wide. The SunStone vessels are part of the Infinity Class, in which the passenger capacity can range from 130 to 200, and the crew capacity from 85 to 115. The hull will be built according to Polar class 6, Polar code Cat B, with dynamic positioning system and zero-speed stabilizers.


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Nyleg erklærte reiarlaget SunStone Ships den første opsjonen i INFINITY-klassen av Ulstein-designa ekspedisjonscruiseskip. Reiarlaget har no erklært opsjon nummer to. Totalt er dermed tre skip basert på designet CX103 under bygging for SunStone ved CMHI-verftet i Kina.

I 2017 inngjekk SunStone Ships ein kontrakt på eitt skip og ni opsjonar på leveransar av ekspedisjonscruiseskipsdesign og utstyrspakkar frå Ulstein. Alle dei ti fartøya er ein del avSunStone Ships sin serie av fartøy i INFINITY-klassen. Med denne erklæringa vil dermed CMHI-verftet (China Merchants Heavy Industry) i Kina bygge tre ekspedisjonscruiseskip basert på Ulstein-design. Ulstein sin kontrakt er med verftet.

SunStone Ships har signert ein langsiktig charterkontrakt med Victory Cruise Lines på dette tredje fartøyet, som vil bere namnet 'Ocean Victory'. Nybygget vil bli levert i mars 2021.

SunStone sin president og konsernsjef, Niels-Erik Lund, seier:

- Vi er nøgde med at skipa i INFINITY-klassen har vorte tatt inn i marknaden så raskt. Det ser ut til at europeisk design og teknologi, kombinert med lavare samla driftskostnader, har truffe blink i marknaden for denne typen skip.

- Vi er svært fornøgde med arbeidet som SunStone Ships har lagt ned for å finne cruiseoperatørar til desse fartøya, og er overtydde om at dei kjem til å få realisert alle dei ti skipa i serien, seier Tore Ulstein, visekonsernsjef i Ulstein Group og leiar for forretningsområdet Design & Solutions. - Vi har eit tett samspel med dei involverte partane, og ser fram til eit vidare godt samarbeid på neste fartøy.

Ulstein Design & Solutions har designa skipet, og er også ansvarleg for utstyrsleveransane, der alt hovudutstyr er basert på utprøvd teknologi og frå anerkjende europeiske produsentar. Tillberg Design USA har ansvaret for interiørdesignet, medan Makinen har oppgåva med å bygge opp alle innvendige rom.

Det er ikke berre X-BOW® som gjer at skipet skil seg ut. Totalløysinga er designa for å maksimere kvalitetsopplevingane innandørs og naturopplevingane utandørs. Observasjonsdekk og balkongar gir god utsikt til naturomgjevnadene. Baren og restauranten serverer delikatessar og forfriskingar gjennom heile dagen.

Fasilitetane på skipet inkluderer tre restaurantar og ein open dekksrestaurant, observasjonssalong, forelesarsalong, pianobar, treningsrom og spa-fasilitetar, bibliotek, butikkar, omkledingsområde for gummibåtekskursjonar, 20 gummibåtar, svømmebasseng, boblebad og bassengbar.

Det første skipet i INFINITY-klassen, ‘Greg Mortimer’, er planlagt å bli levert i august 2019. Det skal gå i oppdrag for Aurora Cruises i Australia.

Skipa i INFINITY-klassen er 104,3 meter lange og 18,4 meter breie. "Ocean Victory" vil ha overnattingsplass for 100 mannskap og 200 passasjerar. Skroget får polarklasse PC6, polarkode Cat B, med dynamisk posisjoneringssystem og såkalla ‘nullfarts-stabilisatorsystem’.

"Ocean Victory"

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SunStone Confirms Two More Expedition Vessels

SunStone Ships announced it had inked deals to build two more Infinity-class expedition ships, the fourth and fifth in a series of vessels being built in China and chartered to various customers.

“Our charterers are anxious to enjoy the advantages of our cutting-edge technology, like the X- bow design, along with the significant operating efficiencies offered by the Infinity Class. So, we’re moving as quickly as possible to get them into the market," said SunStone President and CEO, Niels-Erik Lund.

All vessels have ice class and are available in various configurations, from 120 to 200 guests.
SunStone will deliver the Greg Mortimer in August 2019, which will be operated by Aurora Expeditions.

Then the Ocean Victory will delivered in Sept. of 2020, while the Ocean Explorer will be delivered in March 2021 and will be followed by a fourth ship in September of 2021.

The fifth ship in the series, the Ocean Odyssey, then debuts in May 2022.

SunStone said the fourth and fifth vessels already have long-term charter clients in place.

This contract is part of the ten-vessel Framework Agreement with China Merchants Heavy Industries.

“We are very pleased with the development and the speed with which we are signing these new-build contracts,” stated Lund, “in addition to the five vessels already ordered, SunStone is in negotiations for additional vessels and it is expected that the remaining five options will be signed within 2019, so that ten Infinity-class vessels will be built at CMHI," Lund said.

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CMHI-196-1 - "Greg Mortimer"
CMHI-196-2 - "TBN"
CMHI-196-3 - "Ocean Victory"
CMHI-196-4 - "Ocean Explorer"
CMHI-196-5 - "Ocean Odyssey"


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Ulstein har fått kontrakt på fjerde cruiseskip for SunStone

Reiarlaget SunStone Ships har signert sin fjerde skipbyggingskontrakt på eit ekspedisjonscruiseskip i Infinity-serien. Fartøyet, som skal byggast på CMHI-verftet i Kina, er eit CX103-design med X-BOW® og er designa av Ulstein Design & Solutions AS.

Designkontrakten for SunStone Ships var den første cruisekontrakten for Ulstein, eit skipsdesignselskap med lang erfaring frå offshoreindustrien. Den patenterte skipsbaugen, X-BOW®, vart opphavleg utvikla for eksepsjonelt gode sjøeigenskapar ved tøffe vêrforhold, men har også ein fordel ved at han gir meir plass i baugområdet. Denne ekstra plassen har på dette skipet blitt utnytta til romslege salongar med eineståande utsikt.

Designa for luksusturar
Vantage Cruise Line har chartra det fjerde fartøyet, "Ocean Explorer", og har til no planlagt cruise til stader som søraust-Asia, Middelhavet og Skandinavia.

Infinity Class-fartøya er 104,4 m lange og 18,4 m breie. Dei har passasjerkapasitet på 130-200, og mannskapskapasitet på 85-115. Skipet er lite nok til å gi ei eksklusiv atmosfære, og stort nok til å kunne by på det meste av forventa tenester og fasilitetar, mellom anna jacuzzi, bar og restaurant, boutique, utandørskino, treningsstudio og spa. Skipet har mykje utstyr for utandørsaktivitetar, til dømes syklar, padlebrett og kajakkar, og små ilandsettingsfartøy.

Interkontinentalt samarbeid
Infinity-prosjektet er eit samarbeid over landegrenser, der reiarlaget, chartraren og interiørdesignarane held til i USA, skipsdesignet er utvikla I Noreg, og skipsbygginga går føre seg i Kina.

Det første fartøyet i denne serien på potensielt ti skip, “Greg Mortimer", er i sluttfasen før planlagt levering i 3. kvartal 2019.

Skip 1: Greg Mortimer
Skip 2: Ocean Discoverer
Skip 3: Ocean Victory
Skip 4: Ocean Explorer

Skip 5-10: Opsjonar

Kontrakt med verftet
Ulstein sin kontrakt er med verftet, frå venstre Frank Zheng, viseadministrerande direktør for China Merchants Heavy Industry (Jiangsu) Co, Ltd og Lars Ståle Skoge, kommersiell direktør i Ulstein Design & Solutions AS.

Kilde: Ulstein Group

Infinity Class

Illustrasjon: Ulstein Design & Solution


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SunStone Newbuild Greg Mortimer Making Progress in China

The new Greg Mortimer, the first in a series of up to 10 SunStone newbuilds, is making progress at CMIH in China, with these photos from mid February showing the vessel well on its way to completion.

A launch ceremony is scheduled for mid March, and Aurora Expeditions will take delivery of the first SunStone newbuild later this year on a long-term charter arrangement.

The vessel will operate Antarctic cruises in the winter; and Arctic cruises in the summer. The technical management will be the responsibility of Cruise Management International while the hotel management will be done by Miami-based CMI Leisure.

The 104.4-meter long Infinity-class ship has a service speed of 15.5 knots.

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"Greg Mortimer"

Foto: Ukjent