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Tallink Thinks About Ordering A MEGASTAR II

Tallink’s newest vessel MEGASTAR has exceeded its expectations and the group is considering ordering a MEGASTAR II, writes ERR.

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They are a bit further than thinking about it. A contact of mine at a major shipyard in Europe says there is already a tender for the ship. Will be interesting to see if Meyer will build this ship again. They are very full both in Finland and Germany...


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Rauma inks letter of intent with Tallink for its biggest newbuild order

Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) and Tallink Grupp have signed a letter of intent for a new environmentally friendly ropax ferry.

The ship, with a value of approximately €250M (US$288M), will be built at Rauma shipyard allowing RMC to strengthen its organisation and recruit more talent.

Planning the Tallink Shuttle ship, which will operate on the Helsinki-Tallinn route, will start in Q2 2019 and building will commence in 2020. The vessel will be delivered to Tallink at the end of 2021.

RMC said the new vessel is the biggest newbuild order yet for the shipyard. The passenger capacity of the ship will be 2,800 people. The newest technology and innovative solutions will be utilised in the design phase to ensure the vessel will be as energy-efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.

Rauma Marine Constructions chief executive Jyrki Heinimaa said “This is outstanding news for shipbuilding in Rauma. RMC’s four-year journey has been consistent and the letter of intent with Tallink represents a natural continuation of our development. The order’s impact on employment will total around 1,500 person-years. We will hence recruit a significant amount of new talent to Rauma shipyard in the near future.”

Rauma shipyard has built four vessels and designed a further two vessels for Tallink Grupp at the shipyard. Baltic Queen, the previous vessel built at Rauma shipyard, was completed in 2009 and operates on the Tallinn-Stockholm route.

“This is an opportunity for us to utilise our longstanding experience and to help steer the ship traffic between Finland and Estonia in a more environmentally friendly direction,” said Mr Heinimaa.

Tallink Grupp and RMC will finalise the contract and financial arrangements over the next few months.

RMC’s previous car and passenger ferry Hammershus, built for Danish ferry operator Molslinjen, began operating in Denmark in September. The company is also co-operating with the shipyard in Turku on building ship blocks for a large cruise ship.

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Shipbuilding contract between Tallink Grupp and Rauma Marine Constructions enters into force

AS Tallink Grupp and Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) recently signed the contract for the construction of a new LNG-powered fast ferry for the Tallinn Helsinki route shuttle operations, which enters into force today.

Similarly to the group’s newest vessel Megastar, the new shuttle ferry will also be dual fuel operated, its overall length will be approximately 212 metres and it will be able to carry 2,800 passengers. The vessel will cost approximately 250 million euros and it will be built at the Rauma shipyard in Finland, providing approximately 1,500 man-years of employment for the shipyard. The delivery of the vessel is expected in January 2022.

The new vessel is another step for Tallink Grupp towards achieving even greater energy efficiency and eco-friendliness for its shipping operations. The new shuttle ferry, with a gross tonnage of approximately 50,000 and a service speed of 27 knots, will use LNG as fuel and meet all the current and known future emission regulations.

In comparison with the group’s latest vessel , the new ferry will have a larger passenger area with more seating, more crew cabins and, from a technical point of view, powerful shore connection, 30% larger LNG fuel tanks, reducing the frequency of bunkering of the vessel. Further with enhanced new design, the CO2 emissions of new shuttle ferry can be reduced by 10%.

New shuttle ferry will also benefit from the recently signed cooperation agreement with Tallinn Technical University, the aim of which is to develop innovative Smart Car deck solutions for the group’s vessels to enhance the loading and unloading operations and make them compatible with the already existing Smart Port solutions at the Port of Tallinn.

According to the contract, 30 percent of the total cost will be paid during the construction period and the rest after the delivery of the vessel. AS Tallink Grupp plans to finance 70 percent of the new ship cost in 2022 by long-term loan, the loan terms will be concluded in the near future.

Commenting on the contract, Paavo Nõgene, the CEO of Tallink Grupp, said:
"The construction of Megastar and bringing this next generation vessel onto the Baltic Sea, has transformed our shuttle service between Tallinn and Helsinki. The vessel has been extremely well received by our customers, with over 4 million passengers already having travelled on the vessel. In addition to the increased passenger comfort, just as importantly, Megastar has taken our operations also to the next level in terms of environmentally friendly operations and increased efficiency.

It was therefore only logical that a similar vessel should be built for the route sooner or later to enhance our operations on this important route for us even further. We are pleased to have signed the construction contract with RMC, thus supporting also our regional economies due to the construction taking place in Rauma, and we look forward to starting the shipbuilding process.“

Commenting on the contract, Jyrki Heinimaa, the CEO of RMC, said:

"We are very proud that Tallink trusted us in giving this important project to RMC for successful design and manufacturing their newest shuttle ferry, which takes some benefits from the existing fleet, but exceeds them in performance thanks to the integration of the newest technology applications, for example concerning power demand. In RMC’s path to global technology leadership in ferry building, this project is a great milestone and brings us on an even level with the market leaders.

The project itself is extremely awaited in Rauma, since it allows us to continue our amicable co-operation with our colleagues at Tallink, of which we have had great experiences already since the beginning of the millennium, when M/S Romantika was under construction in Rauma as the first newbuilding ferry of Tallink Grupp.“

New vessel fact box:
  • Length – 212 metres
  • Pax – 2,800
  • Service speed – 27 knots
  • Gross tonnage – 50,000
  • Fuel: dual fuel
Tallink TBN

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Propose a name for Tallink Grupp’s new shuttle vessel

Propose a name for Tallink Grupp’s new shuttle vessel and win a ticket for the maiden voyage!

Tallink Grupp signed a contract with Rauma Marine Constructions in Finland in spring 2019 for the construction of a new shuttle vessel for the Tallinn-Helsinki route. The construction of the new ship will begin in early 2020, but before we can cut the metal we need a name for the newest addition to our fleet. And here’s where everyone can play their part and leave their mark in the history book of shipping by providing the name for our new family member.

All you need to do is think of an amazing name for our new ship, fill in the form below and click submit. Easy!
  • The winning entry and the new name for the ship will be selected by Tallink Grupp’s management team in September 2019.
  • The winner will receive an invitation to join the ship’s maiden voyage in January 2022 and a fantastic gift box filled with Tallink 30th anniversary goodies.
  • Please read Terms & Conditions of the Competition „Name for Tallink Grupp’s new shuttle vessel“ below.
So – North Star, Baltic Sun, Fastlink or something else.

You name it, we will call it.

Name for the new vessel


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Cooperation between Rauma Marine Constructions and Meyer Turku extends further – the new Tallink Shuttle will be planned with support from Turku shipyard

The cooperation between ship building company Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) and Meyer Turku will continue. The new Tallink Shuttle ferry is the latest order from Rauma shipyard. RMC has acquired a licence to use the planning materials of the Shuttle’s sister ship, MS Megastar, from Meyer Turku, and the materials will be used in planning the new ferry. The new shuttle will be more environmentally friendly than its predecessors, and it will be handed over to Tallink in early 2022.

In March 2019, Rauma Marine Constructions Oy (RMC) and AS Tallink Grupp agreed on building a new Tallink Shuttle. For the planning phase of the project, RMC has acquired a licence to use the planning materials of MS Megastar, the Shuttle’s sister ship with similar basic features. Built at Meyer’s Turku shipyard, MS Megastar was delivered to Tallink at the beginning of 2017. Smooth cooperation is essential to the success of the Finnish Maritime Cluster, says Jyrki Heinimaa, CEO of Rauma Marine Constructions.

“Besides RMC and Meyer Turku, the whole maritime industry and Finland as a country will benefit from this cooperation. We are very happy about collaborating with Meyer. This joint effort allows us to plan and build the new Shuttle in a cost-efficient way, using solutions that have already proven to work well”, Heinimaa says.

The cooperation between Rauma Marine Constructions and Meyer Turku began in summer 2018, when Meyer Turku placed an order from RMC for two blocks for the hull of the cruise ship Costa Smeralda. The companies have since signed more agreements on building several additional blocks. All in all, 12 hotel area blocks have been or will be built for cruise ships owned by Costa Cruises or Carnival Cruise Lines.
“Promoting the ship building industry in Finland is important to us. Our earlier cooperation with RMC has been successful, and this is a natural way to continue working together”, says Jan Meyer, CEO of Meyer Turku.

The new energy efficient Tallink Shuttle ferry is the largest ship ordered from Rauma Marine Constructions, and the vessel is valued at about EUR 250 million. The new shuttle ferry will be approximately 212 metres long, and it will be able to accommodate 2,800 passengers.
Altogether, four ships have been built for Tallink Grupp at Rauma shipyard, and two more have been planned in Rauma. The previous ship built in Rauma for Tallink Grupp, Baltic Queen, was delivered in 2009 and now operates between Tallinn and Stockholm.

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Tallink Grupp names new Tallinn-Helsinki route shuttle vessel MySTAR

Tallink Grupp has today announced that the name of the new Tallinn-Helsinki route shuttle vessel, which will be built at Rauma shipyard in Finland and is due to be completed by the end of 2021, will be MySTAR. The name for the vessel was proposed as an entry in the vessel naming competition by a Finnish national.

The shipping company ran a naming competition for the new vessel this summer and the final decision regarding the name was made by the company’s Management Board in September.

More than 2,800 entries were received for the naming competition from 30 countries from across the world. The biggest number of entries was received from Tallink Grupp’s home markets of Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Sweden with Finnish shipping enthusiasts submitting the most entries.

Although the proposed names varied greatly, a large number of the entries contained the words „star“ and „Baltic“ in them and, compared to the naming competition held a few years ago for naming the Megastar, this time there was a significant increase in the number of names containing some reference to eco-friendliness, i.e. variations of „eco“ and „green“.

Tallink Grupp’s CEO Paavo Nõgene was delighted with the level of interest in the naming of the company’s new vessel. „We never doubted the interest people in this region have in shipping and knew that many people around the Baltic sea would take up the opportunity to write their name in the region’s shipping history by proposing the winning name to our vessel. But we never knew there were so many shipping fans also wider afield, who all submitted some great names as well,“ he commented.

„Choosing the winning name was not easy for us as there were many great proposals, but ultimately we wanted to carry on with the tradition that our shuttle vessels are „stars“ of the Baltic Sea, so that narrowed the selection somewhat. And why we opted for MySTAR – well, because the new vessel is shaped by everyone who travels with it, so everyone can feel that this vessel is part of them,“ Nõgene added.

The name MySTAR was submitted to the naming competition by Marietta Kähärä from Finland, who will now receive a gift box of Tallink 30 goods and will be invited to join the ship on its maiden voyage as a prize.

In addition to the more common names for a vessel, the competition also received more unconventional entries for the new vessel’s name, such as M/S Ott Tänak, M/S Marie Under, Speedy Gonzales, Great Finland, Queen Suomi, Suomenlinna, Mega Tallsinki Express, Kalevipoeg, King Kong, Eri Klas, Tunnel, Vana Toomas, Sibelius, Megafast and many others.

And no vessel naming competition would be complete without the proposal Boaty McBoatface, which was also submitted for this competition together with Shuttle McShuttleface.

Tallink Grupp names new Tallinn-Helsinki route shuttle vessel MySTAR

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