Trasmediterranea, Bygg nr. 548 ved Factorias Vulcano, RoPax "Villa De Teror"


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Fra Facebook sidene til Ferryvolution 7. mai 2017:

Viking ADCC will finally be finished after almost 10 years of issues, delay, cancelation. Spanish operator Trasmediterranea (Acciona Group) have found an agreement with owners and Vulcano shipyard to take over the vessel after the required 14 months of works still undone.

Once performed the 139m long vessel will have a 1500 pax intake including 58 cabins and space for up to 450 cars & 600 lane meters of cargo.

This vessel would be very suitable for the Denia - Ibiza route or for Gibraltar strait.

Operator: Acciona Trasmediterranea
Shipyard: Factorias Vulcano, Vigo
Where: Balearic islands / Gibraltar strait
When: Summer 2018

Illustrasjon: via Trasmediterranea

Jose Jorge

Verft og ansatt skal signere en avtale idag elller imorgen for å levere båt. Fra signering, det er jobb for 42 dager til.


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"Vila De Teror" is out sailing these days for additional seatrails, then possible finnaly hand over of the vessel