Viking Ocean Cruises, Bygg nr. 6285 & 6286 ved Fincantieri Shipyard, 47.800 Gt Cruiseskip 2x "Viking TBN"


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Dette blir Viking Star class IX og X

Viking Ocean Cruises Goes All Out at Fincantieri

U.S.-based cruise liner Viking Ocean Cruises has brought its ordering tally at Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri to ten.

Namely, the company confirmed the orders for the seventh and eighth Vikings that were ordered in April and exercised options for the two remaining ships.

The final contracts were dependent on the fulfillment of financing and other customary closing conditions.

The new units will be sister ships of the ones already ordered, four of which have been delivered and plying the world’s oceans.

The ships have a gross tonnage of 47,800 tons and accommodate 930 guests in 465 all-veranda cabins. According to Fincantieri, the ships will be built according to the latest navigation regulations and equipped with the modern safety systems, including the “Safe return to port” system.

The first of the series, Viking Star, built at the shipyard in Marghera, took to sea in March 2015; the second, the third, and the fourth, Viking Sea, Viking Sky and Viking Sun, built at the shipyard in Ancona, were delivered respectively in March 2016, January and September 2017.

The other six sister ships, including those related to the exercised option, are planned to be delivered in 2018, 2019, 2021, two in 2022 and 2023 respectively.

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Oversikt over alle ti skipa i denne klassen, første tallet er bygge nr. ved Fincantieri

6236 "Viking Star", Levert 31.02.15, Viking Star Class I
6245 "Viking Sea", Levert 24.03.16, Viking Star Class II
6237 "Viking Sky", Levert 26.01.17, Viking Star Class III
6246 "Viking Sun", Levert 25.09.17, Viking Star Class IV
6253 "Viking Orion", Levering Juni 2018, Viking Star Class V
6254 "Viking Jupiter", Levering Desember 2019, Viking Star Class VI
6283 "Viking Tellus", Levering April 2021, Viking Star Class VII
6284 "Viking Venus", Levering September 2022, Viking Star Class VIII
6285 "Viking TBN", Levering Desember 2022, Viking Star Class IX
6286 "Viking TBN", Levering Oktober 2023, Viking Star Class X
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Sixth vessel is hull no. 6254 with launching in February 2019 and delivery in Desember 2020?


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It is a bit confusing I must say but delivery of the sixth vessel has definitely been brought forward to 2019, see here: .
Fincantieri has also confirmed it:

Perhaps they really mean the actual float-out / launching when they say "launching in February 2019"? that would imply delivery towards the end of 2019, as Fincantieri has previously announced. These PR agencies don't really understand shipbuilding usually.


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Looking at the first four ones, they had around nine months outfitting from launch to delivery.

If hull no. 6254 "Viking Jupiter" will be launched in (late) February 2019 and with around nine months outfitting, we will see December 2019 delivery?