Zhongshan-Hong Kong Passenger Shipping, Bygg nr. 293-295 ved Br. Aa, Passasjerkatamaraner "Zhong Shan 6/Zhong Shan 20/TBN"


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Brødrene Aa wins contract for three high speed catamarans

Brødrene Aa, Hyen, Norway just annonced the signing of a new contract for 3 additional high speed carbon fiber catamaran ferries for the Chinese market. The customer, Zhongshan-Hong Kong Passenger Shipping Co-op Co., Ltd (ZS), China will be operating the ferries between Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China.

Two of the vessels in the contract will be 42 meters in length with a capacity of 300 passengers and have maximum operating speed of 40 knots. The third vessel will be 42 meters as well, but with a capacity for 230 passengers and a max operating speed of 37 knots.

Construction of the vessels will begin at the shipyard in Hyen in November 2017 and will be all completed and delivered in Hong Kong by June 2019. “This contract represents an important milestone in our efforts to penetrate the Chinese market”, said CEO Tor Øyvin Aa.

In 2015 Chinese Chu Kong Shipping made an equity investment in Brødrene Aa. In this partnership one objective was to establish a joint composite manufacturing facility in China as well as providing market opportunities for completed vessel from Brødrene Aa’s yard in Norway.

Composite technology has long been the construction material of choice for Brødrene Aa and we are today recognized as the world leader for fuel efficient low emission carbon fiber ferries. We launched our first carbon fiber ferry as early as 2002. Since then we have continued to improve our designs and construction technology meeting the demand for lower emissions and reduced operating expenditures where weight reduction has been key to the success.

”With vessels operating long hours at speeds of 40 knots you really capitalize on the benefits of carbon fiber constructions. Lighter vessels render lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions. This contract will allow us to demonstrate the benefits our vessels bring to the markets in China and other Asian markets as well” says Tor Øyvin Aa.

Kilde: Brdrene Aa


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Dei to store blir bygg nr. 293 og 294 med levering henholdvis 1. oktober 2018 og 1. januar 2019

Den minste blir bygg nr. 295 med levering 1. juni 2019


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Den første av desse tre er visstnok sjøsatt i Hyen, noken som har sett bilder og/eller veit namnet på den?


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"Zhong Shan 20" - second 40 knot vessel delivered

Brødrene Aa is pleased to announce the delivery of “Zhong Shan 20”, the second of two 40 knot vessels built to Zhong Shan-Hong Kong Passenger Shipping in China. The formal delivery took place in the city of Zhongshan on the 28th of December, after a month-long ocean transport from Norway. “Zong Shan 20” is the sistership of “Zhong Shan 6” which has already been operating successfully for several months in the Pearl River Delta between Hong Kong and Zhongshan.

Designed for a service speed of 40 knots, the Zhong Shan vessels are the fastest conventional catamarans built by Brødrene Aa to date. The carbon fibre sandwich ferry has a total installed power of only 4,320kW but during trials achieved a speed of 40 knots at 100% maximum cruise rating when carrying 35 deadweight tonnes. A speed of 41 knots was recorded with 25 deadweight tonnes on board and 44 knots with “a low deadweight”.

For high speed vessels like this, we really benefit from the carbon fiber composite construction. Due to the low structural weight and efficient design, we are able to reduce fuel consumption by more than 35% compared to our competitors, says Tor Øyvin Aa managing director at Brødrene Aa.

Both vessels are equipped with four MTU 12V2000 engines and propelled by S56 waterjets from Rolls Royce. The vessel has a waterline length of 42m, beam of 10,8m and a passenger capacity of 300.

The accommodation spans over two decks and includes an economy class, a first class and separate VIP rooms. The interior is open and spacious with a high standard of quality. Even on economy class you find leather seats with armrests and adjustable backs. Both decks has a refreshment kiosk where you can buy food and drinks, and passengers can enjoy a great view of the scenery through the 2x1m large panoramic windows

Although operating in very high speeds, the noise level on board is still extremely low. In the main cabin-area noise levels are between 58 to 65 decibel.
For more about the vessel type, please visit the vessels information page or see artilcle from Shippax Info. Below you can also find a video of “Zhong Shan 6” recorded during commissioning at the yard.

Kilde: Brødrene Aa

"Zhong Shan 20"

Foto: Ukjent via Br. Aa