DESS Aquaculture Shipping, Bygg nr. 31, 32, 36, 37, 40 & 41 ved Sefine, SALT3900 "Aqua Spa/Maløy/Skilsøy/Havsøy/Skye/Homborøy"


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Live Fish Carriers for DESS Aquaculture

DESS Aquaculture Shipping AS in Grimstad, Norway, has ordered new Live Fish Carriers based on a design developed by Salt Ship Design. The vessels will be built by Sefine shipyard in Turkey, and the first two vessels will be delivered from the shipyard in 2019. The shipbuilding contract includes two optional vessels.

DESS Aquaculture’s strategy is to build, own and operate a range of fish farming vessels, and this is the third shipbuilding contract made since the company was established in June 2016. All vessels will be assigned to long-term contracts for Marine Harvest.

The new vessels are 84.4m long and have a beam of 16.0m, and a fish well capacity of more than 3500m3. The design development has been ongoing for quite some time, and has resulted in a purpose made vessel designed to significantly enhance fish welfare, hygiene, quality and environmental aspects. The vessels have several new design solutions, and have extensive built-in flexibility with regard to different types of treatment methods.

Salt has been working closely with DESS Aquaculture and Marine Harvest to explore how well boat operations can be made more gentle for the fish, and what are the operational requirements for a modern and efficient Live Fish Carrier. For our ship designers, it has been very exciting to cooperate so closely with a team of experts with such superior fish farming and operational expertise.

For Salt, this represents a very important contract, which adds to an order book of 13 vessel designs under construction at Norwegian and foreign shipyards. Unlike the current offshore market, fisheries and aquaculture are doing very well and these segments represents an increasingly important market for Salt.

In June 2016, the same ship owner contracted a Sea Harvest vessel based on design from Salt Ship Design.

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The shipbuilding contract includes two optional vessels.

Desse to opsjonane er nå erklært, fra Facebook sidene til Salt Ship Design:

"...two vessels are live fish carriers ordered by DESS Aquaculture Shipping AS (owned 50/50 by SolstadFarstad and Marine Harvest) from Sefine and are sister vessels of the live fish carriers already under construction at the Turkish yard. The vessels will have a capacity of 3.500 m3.

Delivery of the two vessels will be Q1 and Q2 2020, and will enter long term contracts for Marine Harvest, Norway, directly upon delivery"


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Utdrag fra pressemeldinga "Construction of and charter contracts for five new aquaculture vessels":

DESS Aquaculture and Marine Harvest Norge AS ("Marine Harvest") have entered
into seven-year term charter contracts for additional two wellboats. The new
vessels will have a capacity of 3.500 m3 and will be sister vessels of the two
wellboats already under construction at the Turkish yard Sefine. Together with
the client, SALT Ship Design and Cflow, the fish handling system have been in
focus to set an improved standard for fish handling and welfare. With the new
implemented standards, the vessels will be able to carry out all of the
important operations required by the client, and thereby increase their
utilization of the vessel. DESS Aquaculture has options for two additional
wellboats under the contract with Sefine. The two new vessels will be delivered
from the yard in 1Q and 2Q 2020, respectively, and will commence their long term
contracts directly upon delivery.


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SOFF Company update

DESS Aquaculture Shipping AS (DESS Aqua), a part-owned company of Solstad Offshore ASA (Solstad) within the aquaculture segment, is raising new equity to finance fleet growth.

In order to fund the remaining part of the existing newbuilding program and two new vessels DESS Aqua has decided to raise NOK 700 mill of equity. The new equity will be raised through a private placement directed towards Hemen Holding Ltd and Marine Harvest, with 50% each. Following such private placement, DESS Aqua will be owned by Solstad (approx. 20%), Marine Harvest (50%) and Hemen Holding Ltd (approx 30%).

DESS Aqua has taken delivery of the Live Fish Carrier (LFC) "Aqua Tromøy" and directly commenced a 5-year charter contract with Marine Harvest for operations in Canada. "Aqua Tromøy" has a capacity of 3.000 m3 and is equipped with a Reverse Osmosis ("RO") plant producing up to 6.000 m3 of fresh water per day.

Furthermore, DESS Aqua has entered into a 10-year charter contract with Tassal, Australia's largest producer of Tasmanian grown Atlantic salmon, for an LFC for operations in Tasmania, Australia and a 5-year charter contract with Marine Harvest for an LFC for operations in Scotland. Consequently, DESS Aqua has declared options for two LFCs to be built at Sefine, Turkey. The new vessels will have a capacity of 3.500 m3 and will be sister vessels of the four LFCs already under construction at Sefine. The LFC that will operate for Tassal will be equipped with a RO plant producing up to 4.500 m3 of fresh water per day. The two new vessels will be delivered from the yard in 4Q 2020 and 1Q 2021.

DESS Aqua currently has the two vessels "Aqua Merdø" (stun and bleed vessel) and "Aqua Tromøy" (LFC) in operation working on long-term contracts. Furthermore, the company has in total seven LFCs under construction, in addition to three service vessels. When this newbuilding program is delivered, the fleet will consist of 12 aquaculture vessels. The next vessel to be delivered is a service vessel with scheduled delivery in 1Q 2019