Fanafjord 1 sold to Canada

Good question !
I think that all bigger teknisk "ombyggnader" off ferries take much more time than planned... .
That are usually all single-ship-projects - with a kind of a prototype-standard - and such things takes usually a lot of time - for to find solutions for "1000" problems... .

Free Newspaper article from nov. 2023:
"Fergen skal ut av landet, og direkte til statlig eierskap i Canada. Det innebærer at ombyggingen skal stå klar i andre kvartal 2024." = now...

So i guess that the "New" Fanafjord will be ready not before spring 2025... .

Anyone knows details about the planned service-speed in future ? Maybe it will be more slowly in future sadly ?
These ferries (Fanafjord and her 4 sisters) are the fastets bigger double-end-ferries worldwide with 21 knots or more, a sister holds world-record with 23,5 knots.
I was personally on E39 with car many many years ago on a delayed departure onboard on one of these ferries and it was a really very fast feeling onboard then... .
De nye gensettene skal være to Bergen Diesel C25-33L9, som gir 3000 kW ved 60Hz og 2880 kW ved 50 Hz. Og så beholder de antagelig 3 x 450kW hjelpemotorer. Så jeg vil tro toppfarten blir redusert til omtrent det samme som MF Stavangerfjord og MF Mastrafjord, som har 2 x 2650 kW + 4 x 450kw, ca. 17 knop.

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