"Far Spica" - Første ex. Farstad båt i oransje Farstad Solstad farger?


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Sad to see what happens to this impressive ship: Far Sovereign. I was in Tomrefjord in 1999 when the naming ceremony was held. I visited the vessel several times in Stavanger and Esbjerg and last but not least I am building a model of her based on more than 2000 Photos selfmade or by some friends and drawings supplied by Rolls Royce and the Langsten Yard.

She was on my mind in sleepless nights and endless hours in my workshop. Hope you can understand my feelings...
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"Normand Neptun" slept til Green Yards Kleven i dag for hogging :(
Another one of my favorities that story comes to an end. The announcement that she was sold to the breakers was made some time ago already so it is not a surprise. Not every one really liked this design but it was something very special.

Despite to the original ship my model will live ( http://peter-esch.de/Normand_Neptun.html ).

Did someone make photos of the towing?
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"Far Superior" har fått Solstad farger og namnet "Normand Superior" hos Westcon Florø



Alle foto: Ørjan Andreas Røberg