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Fjord Line invests in new tonnage - doubles the capacity on the fastest route between Norway and Denmark

(18.08.2017) After three years of solid growth on the route between Kristiansand (Norway) and Hirtshals (Denmark), the Norwegian shipping company Fjord Line invests in a new high speed catamaran ferry. The investment will improve the Fjord Line offerings in regard of higher capacity, increased comfort, more departures and a stretched sailing season compared to the present service.

- This is a new milestone in Fjord Line's development. We have been successful on the route in recent years and are delighted to have ordered a new ship, says Rickard Ternblom, CEO of Fjord Line AS.

The Australian shipbuilder Austal Ships Pty Ltd has been commissioned to build the ship, which will represent a new technological standard and provide clear environmental gains on the route. The vessel will be ready to enter into revenue service from the 2020-season.

- During the development phase, comfort has been important to us. The new catamaran will be the most relaxing and comfortable mode of travel, as well as being the fastest route between Norway and Denmark. With a top speed of 40 knots, the travel time will still be 2 hours and 15 minutes, says Ternblom. - Furthermore, the investment will make Fjord Line into a new operator within the freight segment on this corridor.

New concept in the Norwegian and Danish market
The new ship will be able to carry 1,200 passengers and more than 400 cars - almost double from today's capacity. The tax-free shop on board will be twice as large compared with today’s vessel and guests will be able to choose from three exciting food concepts on their journey.

- The ship is light and spacious with a clear Scandinavian profile on the décor. Children and families with children will also have their own section where kids can bustle around on their own accord. This will constitute a whole new ferry experience in the Norwegian and Danish markets, says Ternblom.

Fjord Line will still keep investing in today's catamaran, HSC Fjord Cat, towards the summer season 2020, to ensure a continued competitive product on the Skagerrak corridor.

- We are continuously working on developing all our products and offerings from Bergen, Stavanger, Kristiansand, Langesund and Sandefjord. That also means upgrades on today's ships, says Ternblom.

Strong development for the Kristiansand-Hirtshals route
From 2014 to 2016, Fjord Line grew with 26,000 passengers and 7,400 cars on the route between Kristiansand and Hirtshals. In 2016, the shipping company transported 213,000 passengers on the route, divided into 576 sailings.

- We want to be innovative in the development of new products and routes, an overarching core strategy we hope will ensure continued growth for many years to come, says Rickard Ternblom in Fjord Line.

Technical information about the ship (HSC Fjord Cat in brackets)

Length 109m (91m)
Width 30.5m (26m)
Depth under the waterline 3.8m (3.8m)
Passengers 1,200 (676)
Passenger vehicles 410 (200)
Freight >500LM (lane meters) (0 m)
Speed 40 knots (40 knots)
Crossing time 2h15min (2h 15min)


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Austal Limited (ASX:ASB) is pleased to announce a new contract valued at €73 million Euro (A$108 million) to design and build a 109 metre high-speed vehicle passenger ferry for Fjord Line of Norway.

The all-aluminium catamaran, designed by Austal Australia, will be the 8th large high-speed commercial ferry (over 100 metres in length) to be built by the company - and confirms Austal’s position as Australia’s pre-eminent shipbuilder of large high-speed commercial craft.

Announcing the contract, Austal Chief Executive Officer David Singleton thanked Fjord Line Chairman, Mr Peter Frolich and Chief Executive Officer Mr Rickard Ternblom for Australia’s latest export shipbuilding contract.

“We’re very excited to be building this evolutionary new ship for Fjord Line - one of the world’s leading commercial ferry operators.

“This valuable export contract will create outstanding opportunities for our design, production and project management teams here in Australia,” Mr Singleton said.

“This significant new project also offers new export opportunities for our supply chain partners and thereby ultimately contribute to Australia’s sovereign shipbuilding capability,” he added.

Austal’s latest high-speed commercial ferry will transport 1,200 passengers at up to 40 knots and features the company’s largest ever vehicle-carrying capacity; with a beam of 30.5 metres enabling 404 cars to be carried across two decks.

The new vessel encompasses several key design innovations that enhance operating performance and passenger comfort, including a new, optimised hull form that will minimise fuel consumption and wake wash when operating on the Skagerrak Sea between Hirtshals, Denmark and Kristiansand, Norway. A business class lounge for up to 184 passengers, a large (250m2) duty free shop, two bistros, two bars and children’s play area will establish a new benchmark for on board customer experience.

Fjord Line’s latest addition will join their fleet of four commercial passenger ferries operating in the Scandinavian region following delivery from Austal’s Australian shipyard in January 2020.

With another 109 metre high-speed vehicle passenger ferry (for Molslinjen of Denmark) currently under construction at the Australian shipyard and a 56 metre high speed passenger ferry (for FRS of Germany) under construction in the Philippines, Austal’s commercial vessel portfolio continues to expand. Pursuing a robust commercial ferry sales pipeline, at its highest level in a decade, Austal anticipates additional export orders throughout the remainder of FY2017-18.

Acknowledging the growth in Austal’s commercial vessel portfolio and the opportunities for expansion ahead, David Singleton remarked;

“We have previously indicated that the commercial ferry market is strengthening markedly and we accordingly expect further orders for vessels in the near future. We have also indicated that we are likely to expand capacity in both Henderson and in the Philippines. We have completed the first phase of that following the opening of our Hope Valley Road facility in Western Australia and will now press ahead with expansion plans to more than double the footprint of our Philippines facility although the details of this will be subject to a separate announcement. Further expansion in Henderson beyond this will depend on the outcome of the OPV tender for the Commonwealth of Australia.”

Med andre ord, litt av en båt som kommer til å tjene sørkysten av landet. Spennende å følge med fremover! "Hårete" påstander om hastighet, passasjerkapasitet osv, spennende å følge med på!


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Byggingen av Fjord Lines nye katamaran mellom Kristiansand og Hirtshals er i gang

Representanter fra rederiet og verftet Austal Ships Pty Ltd deltok onsdag på brennestarten i Balamban, Filippinene. Her ble den første aluminiumen til den nye superkatamaranen mellom Kristiansand og Hirtshals kappet.

Fjord Line er med det i god rute til å starte rutetrafikk på strekningen Kristiansand-Hirtshals som planlagt – til sommersesongen 2020 – med en katamaran som vil gi både bedre kapasitet og komfort.

– For oss som lever og ånder for skip og sjøfart, er det få ting som slår følelsen av noe nytt som er på gang. Vi gleder oss til å følge utviklingen framover, sier konsernsjef Rickard Ternblom i Fjord Line.

Mer komfort og teknologi

Med den nye katamaranen dobler Fjord Line kapasiteten på den raskeste veien mellom Norge og Danmark, samtidig som reisetiden på 2 timer og 15 minutter forblir uforandret. Det australske verftet skal bygge en hurtiggående katamaran med vesentlig bedre komfort og klare miljømessige gevinster sammenlignet med dagens katamaran HSC «Fjord Cat».

Butikken om bord blir dobbelt så stor og gjestene vil kunne velge i tre spennende matkonsepter. Fjord Line utforsker også hvordan teknologiske løsninger kan være med på å forbedre gjesteopplevelsen, for eksempel matserveringen om bord.

- Dette blir et helt nytt fergekonsept i det norske og danske markedet, forsikrer Ternblom.

God utvikling for ruten Kristiansand-Hirtshals

Fra 2014 til 2016 vokste Fjord Line med 26.000 passasjerer og 7.400 biler på ruten mellom Kristiansand og Hirtshals. I 2016 fraktet rederiet 213.000 passasjerer på ruten, fordelt på 576 seilinger.

Med den nye katamaranen blir Fjord Line også en aktør på fraktmarkedet mellom Sør-Norge og Nord-Danmark.

Teknisk informasjon om skipet (HSC Fjord Cat i parentes)
Lengde 109m (91m)
Bredde 30,5m (26m)
Dybde under vannlinjen 3,8m (3,8m)
Maks passasjerer 1.200 (676)
Maks antall biler 410 (200)
Frakt >500LM (lane meters) (0 m)
Fart 40 knop (40 knop)
Overfartstid 2h15min (2h 15min)


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"Fjord FST" sjøsatt på Filippinene:

Fjord Line’s new Catamaran Launched

Fjord Line’s brand new high-speed catamaran ferry, Fjord FSTR, has been launched from Austal Limited’s shipyard on the Philippines. The ship will replace HSC Fjord Cat for the route between Kristiansand and Hirtshals, and will double the capacity of the fastest route between Norway and Denmark.

On Friday 7th February, it was finally time for the grand test in water and the launch, it was described as a success by David Singleton, CEO in Austal Limited.

“The ship we have built for Fjord Line is impressive, and it is the first of several large high-speed ships that will be built on Austal’s shipyard in the Philippines.” he says.

The Australian shipyard was commissioned to build the ship in the summer of 2017. The construction started in spring 2018, and Fjord FSTR is now in the final phase before it is delivered to Fjord Line.

“We are very excited to welcome the ship and are thrilled to see how the catamaran will be received by our customers.” says Rickard Ternblom, CEO in Fjord Line.

Still the fastest route to Denmark

The new catamaran will have the same crossing time as Fjord Cat does today, 2 hours and 15 minutes. But the substantial improvements that have been done on Fjord FSTR will be noticed by the passenger.

“Passengers can choose between three different restaurants on board, it has a children’s area and the tax-free shop is almost twice as large as the one we have on Fjord Cat.” says Ternblom.

One of the restaurants is a lounge, which the passengers pays a little extra to sit in. Included in this cost is refreshments and a permanent seat. The guests will also find a café and a bistro on board.

Fjord FSTR can fit twice as many passengers as Fjord Cat with a capacity of 1200 people and has two car decks that can hold a total of 404 cars. The catamaran is also equipped with 16 charging stations and is the first Norwegian passenger ferry to offer this.

More environmentally friendly than Fjord Cat

Fjord Line’s new high-speed catamaran will reduce the CO2 emissions with 32 percent per passenger kilometer, compared to today’s ship.

“The ship is built with several innovative features improving both sailing abilities and guest comfort onboard with the help of a ride control system. The catamaran is also equipped with a new and optimized hull shape, minimizing fuel consumption and waves when sailing over Skagerrak between Norway and Denmark.” says Ternblom.

When the season starts in Kristiansand on April 3, it will be Fjord Cat that Fjord Line’s passengers travel on between Norway and Denmark. Fjord FSTR will take over later in the season.

Technical information about the ship:

Motor capacity: 51.495 hp
Speed: 37 knots
Length: 109 m
Width: 30,5 m
Passengers: 1.200
Passenger vehicles: 404
Crossing time: 2, 15 hours

Kilde: Ferry Publications

"Fjord FSTR"

Foto: Austal


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Koronakrisen har rammet Fjord Line hardt. Eierne har vært nødt til å gå inn med mer penger, og den nye katamaranen blir ikke satt i trafikk til sommersesongen.

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Trevligt att kunna se henne på AIS nu och med nordiskt flagg (DK) inför hennes hemresa.
Hon har lämnat Austal's varv i Filippinerna och flyttats till Batangas. Verkar ha rört på sig lite före jul (21dec). En kort lokal resa på 6 min Batangas Bay - Batangas?
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Knut Lorentzen

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Det er jo bare teit, som forøvrig Viking Line har gjort før dem med sine
Viking XPRS og Viking FSTR. Omtrent like fantasifullt som å døpe 2 båter for Superspeed 1 og 2.