MSC Group & Onorato Armatori (Moby Line), Bygg nr. 18121002/04/?/? ved Guangzhou Shipyard International Co., RoPax "Moby Fantasy/Legacy/TBN/TBN"


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Sammenliknet med første konsepttegning fra OSK-Shiptech, var to klosser bak masten et litt modig valg (for ikke å snakke om klossene ved skorstenen).
Interiørmessig synes hun like steril som Badji Mokhtar III (verftets forrige cruiseferge), men lugarene er estetisk sett et hakk over.
Summa summarum, milevis ifra et Meyer eller Fincantieri oppdrag, men sannsynligvis godt innenfor budsjett (til tross for at Moby ble skvist oppover i pris i siste liten, selv etter signert intensjonsavtale).
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Thanks a lot for link and pictures.
But what is "luxury" please on this ferry ? What is similar as on cruise-ships please ? On these pictures nothing to see.
And the public rooms looking only big and very sterile, cold, not cozy... zero atmosphere... .
Restaurants without windows ?
On these pictures it is looking similar as DFDS Aura/Luna or TT Nils Holgersson - just the public rooms even bigger and wider and much more cabins. For me a big disappointment until now - maybe later there will come pictures of the luxury- and cruise-ship-style areas... but i doubt... .
Pools ? Sauna ? Spa ? Waterslides ? Any expensive materials inside ? Exclusive wood ? Exclusive sundecks ? Panoramic exclusive elevators ?
Theatre ? Dance-floor ? Stages ? Cinemas ? Cabins looking extremly poor and small, stairs grey and plastic, no mirrors, no glass, no messing, no mahagoni, no marmor, no exclusive expensive lights. What is in the sport-bar, a 3, 4, 5 meter high video-wall ? Not to see... . Atrium with big elegant stairs ? Exclusive carpets, curtains ? I could write 1000 things which are "luxury" on ships - but not on this ferry... .
How can they go and do marketing with the words "luxury" and "cruise-ship-similar" ???

These ferries are sadly only big poor simply mass-ferries, so many tourists onboard as possible... - f.ex. the pullman-seats lounge is looking 3-times better in each newer Catamaran... . (Exampel Fjordline Fstr)

"Luxury" means much more than normal, things who are NOT necassary - as f.ex. on these cruise-ships:
Disney Dream: ... cb4dc7.jpg ... b1c191.jpg
Serenade of the Seas: ... 4-crop.jpg
Wonder of the Seas: ... k=tO_WEvPu
MSC Seaside: ... 987c50.jpg
MSC World Europa: ... 0/65585664
MSC Grandiosa: ... leria3.jpg
Carnival Mardi Gras: ... %2Cfo-auto
Costa Fortuna: ... k=N-3Oj5Kb
Icon of the Seas:

But this has nothing to do with the new Moby Fantasy / Lagacy... .
Alone the winter-garden on the old Moby Wonder / Aki is looking much more spectacular "luxury" as everything here on the pictures... .