Norwind Offshore, Bygg nr. 949/951 ved Vard Brattvaag og bygg nr. 950/952 Vard Vung Tau, VARD 4 19 "Norwind Gale/Storm/TBN/TBN"

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Noen som veit kven som skal utruste den i Norge, samt bygge nr. for begge?
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Dei to nybygga blir bygg nr. 949 ved Vard (Norge) og bygg nr. 950 Vard Vung Tau


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VARD secures contracts for the design and construction of two Commissioning Service Operation Vessels for Norwind Offshore​

Ålesund/Norway, 14. April 2022 – VARD, one of the major global designers and shipbuilders of specialized vessels, is pleased to announce that Norwind Offshore in Norway has declared options for the design and construction of two Commissioning Service Operations Vessels (CSOVs). The parties have also agreed on new options for two additional vessels.

VARD is pleased to announce that Norwind Offshore has declared options for the design and construction of the two additional Commissioning Service Operations Vessels (CSOVs) which was a part of the contracts released in October 2021.

The new vessels are of VARD 4 19 design, developed by Vard Design in Ålesund in close cooperation with the customer. The CSOVs are scheduled for delivery in 1Q 2024 and 2Q 2025. The first vessel will be equipped and delivered by Vard Brattvaag in Norway. The hull will be built by Vard Braila in Romania. The second vessel will be built and delivered by Vard Vung Tau in Vietnam.

Norwind Offshore has already two newbuildings under construction at VARD, in addition to the conversion of a Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) which are being converted to a Service Operation Vessel (SOV).

Svein Leon Aure, CEO in Norwind Offshore is proud of their new fleet under construction at VARD:

“We are pleased to have secured two additional sister vessels from VARD in our new build program, which will be vessels number four and five in the Norwind Offshore fleet.

The positive feedback from offshore wind operators, both on these state-of-the-art vessels and Norwind Offshore’s operational model, has been exceptionally strong. This has enabled us to execute on our growth strategy and the additional vessels represent an important milestone on our path to become a leading pure play offshore wind company.

We are also delighted to have secured a contract for our first vessel from VARD, the Norwind Breeze, with one of the major operators within the offshore wind market. The vessel will go directly on hire upon delivery in May from Vard Brattvaag in Norway.

It is a huge motivation to be able to contribute to the Green Transition from within the maritime cluster.”

Fredrik Mordal Hessen, General Manager for the Offshore and Specialized vessels business area in VARD, is thankful for the new contracts:
«The new contracts and the delivery program of a total of five specialized vessels to Norwind Offshore contributes to strengthen VARD’s leading position within the market for offshore windfarm support vessels. We truly appreciate the cooperation with Norwind Offshore, and that we with these projects will further develop our relationship by building two new offshore wind service vessels.

We are happy to see that the new, local shipowner is about to establish themselves as a significant player in the fast-growing offshore wind market, and not least that they involve VARD as ship designer, ship builder and technology provider in this exciting venture. The projects will give work to our yards in Norway, Romania and Vietnam.

These contracts are important steps for delivering on our new strategy in VARD and are also in line with our mission to enable sustainable maritime operations.”

The VARD 4 19 design is a highly versatile platform for sustainable offshore windfarm support operations, focusing on onboard logistics, security, comfort, and superior operability. The 85-metre vessels have a beam of 19.5 meters and will be equipped with a height-adjustable motion-compensated gangway with elevator system and a height-adjustable boat landing system. The vessels will be prepared for installation of battery solutions.

The CSOVs will have accommodation for 87 persons on board.

VARD’s specialized high technology subsidiaries will be involved with major deliveries onboard, and in the shipbuilding process of the vessels.

The newbuildings will have Vard Electro’s SeaQ Integrated Bridge System installed, - a bridge solution with an intuitive user interface designed with the operator in focus. Organized to achieve a clean and efficient workspace, the bridge emphasizes ease of operation, safety, and ergonomics.

For control and monitoring of the vessels’ systems and overview of emissions, the newbuilding’s will be equipped with Vard Electro’s SeaQ Integrated Alarm System (IAS), Power Management System (PMS), and Energy Management System (EMS).

Norwind Offshore is a newly established ship owning company that will offer specialized vessels designed for advanced maritime operations in the development and service of the offshore wind sector. The owners of Norwind Offshore have a long history in the offshore and maritime industry. Over several decades, VARD and the owners of the new company have developed a strong relationship through the building of a broad range of advanced offshore and specialized vessels.


Illustrasjon: Vard Ship Design


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Nr. to ved Vard Brattvaag får bnr. 951, mens nr. to ved Vard Vung Tau får bnr. 952