Caronte & Tourist, Bygg nr. 30 ved Sefine Shipyard , LMG 290 DEG "Elio"


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LMG Marin to design the first LNG-fueled ferry for the Mediterranean Sea

We are proud to announce the signature of a new contract for the design of a large double-ended ferry for the Italian shipowner Caronte & Tourist.

LMG Marin is recognized as a leader in the field of LNG-fueled propulsion and for the design of innovative and efficient ferries. This was the key for Caronte & Tourist choosing LMG Marin as designer for their new project.

The LMG 290-DEG design, which is 133 meters long and 21.5 meters wide, will have capacity for 290 cars on two vehicle decks, and 1500 passengers. The propulsion will be based on a gas-electric system using 3 dual-fuel engines.

The vessel will be built by Sefine Shipyard in Turkey. When delivered in 2018, the LMG 290-DEG design will be the first ferry in the Mediterranean Sea to operate on LNG fuel.

The vessel has been developed in close dialogue with the shipowner in order to accommodate their challenging operational requirements whilst meeting a strict low fuel consumption target. She is in particular optimized to operate across the Strait of Messina between Villa San Giovanni and Messina in Sicily, which is an area prone to very high current. Thanks to her EU Class B certificate she will also be to operate on more open routes such as to the Aeolian Islands.


Illustrasjon: LMG Marin


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I følge Shippax, så blei "Elio" sjøsatt Mandag denne veka ved Sefine...

Foto: Ukjent via Shippax
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Lars Johan

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Då har Elio gått frå Sefine. Istanbul neste stopp ser det ut for. Var ombord å kikka litt ein times tid før dei gjekk :)