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Ferries Of Scandinavia

The Baltic Sea and Nordic Islands

The Scandinavian region is one of the most fascinating regions in the world for shipping. Blessed by breath-taking scenery and stunning, historical cities, it plays host to a vast number of modern, well-appointed, technologically advanced and environmentally friendly vessels that set the standard for the ferry industry worldwide.

Sea-faring has been at the heart of Scandinavian culture for millenia and many contemporary shipping companies have become industry leaders of world renown. Of particular importance to the Scandinavian economies are the passenger, car and freight ferry operations that link ports great and small across the major waterways: the Baltic Sea, the Kattegat and Skaggerak, the North Sea and the North Atlantic. During the second half of the twentieth century, the companies behind these services invested in a series of every more lavish vessels that resulted in the Baltic cruiseferry becoming a byword for luxury and entertainment. This trend has continued into the twenty-first century, with superlative vessels such as the Viking Grace and the Megastar setting new travel standards for the contemporary traveller.

The ferries of Scandinavia offer a extraordinarily diverse travel experience. Giant cruiseferries sail overnight between the major capitals whilst more functional ro-pax and freight vessels keep the wheels of commerce turning between the nations. Smaller, coastal ferries maintain essential lifelines for countless islands and small communities.

The Scandinavian ferry industry has never been in finer health than it is today, with ongoing investment in new fleets transforming the travel experience once again. This is the story of the Ferries of Scandinavia and how they have become the greatest ferry fleet the world has ever seen.

Due to be published March 2018 – available to pre-order.

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