North Star Renewables bygger vindmølle support skip med Vard design?


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World leading SOVs.

North Star Renewables will be committing to and delivering a new fleet of SOV’s to meet the evolving demand of Offshore Wind O&M operations.

A purpose built fleet in response to the market growth and changes in O&M strategy. Acknowledging the need for bespoke vessel design that integrates innovative technology, underlined by over thirty years of experience offshore. North Star have the strengths, qualities and best practices to deliver your personnel, services and cargo offshore, safely.

Based on innovation, market research and customer feedback, NSR have developed a new SOV concept that is integral to efficient O&M.

With expertise in fleet management in the offshore sector and industry inputs learnt from evolution and existing Wind Farm projects, the North Star SOV’s become a precise solution to the management of logistics offshore, backed by the safe operations and technologies to transfer the specialist technicians.

Combined, this forms a complete service offering to the industry in-field and home port.

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