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GC Rieber Shipping - Senvion extends the charter for CSV Polar Queen

Reference is made to stock exchange notice 12 July 2016.

Senvion GmbH has opted to extend the firm period of charter for the Construction Support Vessel (CSV) Polar Queen until 6 December 2017, with options to extend further by up to 3 weeks.

The previously agreed firm period was set to end 13 October. The firm extension and new options replace the previously agreed options.
GC Rieber Shipping - British Antarctic Survey exercises its last option on RRS Ernest Shackleton

British Antarctic Survey (BAS), a component body of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), declares its fifth and final option for a one-year extension of the bareboat charter for "RRS Ernest Shackleton". The option will be effective from August 2018.

"RRS Ernest Shackleton" has been on a long-term charter with BAS since August 1999.

In a comment GC Rieber Shipping's CEO, Christian Berg said "British Antarctic Survey's declaration of the fifth and final option is a testament to GC Rieber Shipping ability of designing and developing durable and reliable assets for ice and harsh operational environments
Kontraktsforlengelse for CSV "Far Sentinel"

Solstad Farstad ASA (SOFF) har inngått følgende kontraktsforlengelse:

CSV 'Far Sentinel', nåværende kontrakt med Blue Marine er blitt forlenget med omtrent 18 måneder til juni 2020 for arbeid i Gulf of Mexico. Kontrakten inkluderer en termineringsklausul som kun kan anvendes mot et signifikant termineringsgebyr. Termineringsklausulen kan imidlertid ikke benyttes før november 2018.
Discontinuation of SapuraAcergy joint venture

Luxembourg - 17 October 2017 - Subsea 7 S.A. (Oslo Børs: SUBC, ADR: SUBCY) today announced an agreement with Sapura Energy Berhad to discontinue the SapuraAcergy joint venture. SapuraAcergy's heavy-lift and pipelay vessel, Sapura 3000, has been sold to a subsidiary of Sapura Energy Berhad.

The decision by Subsea 7 and Sapura Energy Berhad to discontinue the joint venture reflects the evolution of both companies' long-term strategic priorities. Subsea 7 remains committed to the Asia Pacificregion, with offices located in Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Additional information:
- SapuraAcergy comprises two jointly owned entities, SapuraAcergy Assets Pte Ltd and SapuraAcergy Sdn Bhd.
- All SapuraAcergy's projects have been completed and its entities will be liquidated in due course.
- SapuraAcergy is an equity accounted joint venture in which Subsea 7 holds a 50% interest.
- Subsea 7's share of net income of SapuraAcergy is reported within Subsea 7's SURF and Conventional Business Unit and is included in Adjusted EBITDA.
- In 2016 Subsea 7's share of net income from SapuraAcergy was USD 6 million and at 31 December 2016 the carrying amount of the investment was USD 129 million.
- As a result of the discontinuation of the joint venture and the sale of Sapura 3000, Subsea 7 expects to receive approximately USD 100 million in cash dividends, and recognise a loss of approximately USD 10 million in the third quarter.
Acergy Viking

Skipet vil ha fast arbeide frem til slutten av Januar 2020 og utføre SOV tjenester for Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy på tysk sektor.
Kontraktsforlengelsen er i direkte kontinuasjon av nåværende kontraktsperiode og befrakter har opsjoner ut over den faste perioden.

"Vi er stolte av solid operasjon utført av skip og mannskap som har resultert i denne langtids forlengelsen.
Denne forlengelsen vil gjøre oss istand til å ytterligere forsterke vår relasjon med en strategisk viktig kunde for Eidevik i dette spennende og voksende markedet,"


To års kontraktsforlengelse i fornybar markedet

Kilde: Eidesvik
Contract Award

Siem Offshore has entered into a Bareboat charter agreement with an international subsea contractor for the Offshore Subsea Construction Vessel "Siem Stingray" for a firm period of 2 years with options. The vessel will commence operation during first quarter 2018.
Extension of contract

Golden Energy Offshore Services AS (GEOS) is pleased to inform that a contract extension has been secured with Wintershall Norge AS.

The contract is in direct continuation of the charter contract from 2013.

The large PSV Energy Swan was in 2013 chartered for a firm period of 4 years + optional (total of 4 years options).

Wintershall Norge AS and GEOS have agreed a 6 months charter extension on market Level, and Wintershall Norge AS is entitled to its remaining options under the 2013 contract.

The Energy Swan contract is now firm until 1st June 2018 with 3,5 years of options in Charterers favor.
Havila Shipping ASA: Mærsk Olie og Gas har erklært 6 måneders opsjon for Havila Clipper

Mærsk Olie og Gas har erklært 6 måneders opsjon for Havila Clipper

Opsjonen holder fartøyet beskjeftiget fram til 1. juni 2018.
DOF Subsea contract awards

DOF Subsea has been awarded several contracts, securing utilisation for several vessels in the Subsea IMR Projects segment.

In the Atlantic region, DOF Subsea has been awarded a contract within wind industry, securing utilisation of Skandi Neptune for 45 days + options in Q4.

In the North America region, DOF Subsea has been awarded a contract for the provision of survey, ROV and vessel services in the Gulf of Mexico, securing 135 days of vessel utilisation in two phases. The project will utilise the vessels Harvey Deep Sea and Skandi Achiever with phase one commencing in Q4 2017 and phase two commencing in Q1 2018.

Mons S. Aase, CEO, stated: "I am pleased with the contract awards and our global organisation's ability to secure utilisation for the Group's vessels in a challenging market."
Statoil Brasil Óleo e Gás Ltda. has awarded the following Contracts to Solstad

6 months firm contract to PSV Far Scotsman (2012, PSV 08 CD, 4000 DWT) and PSV Far Serenade (2009, UT 751 CD, 5950 DWT) to support exploratory drilling campaign at "Carcara field" (BM-S-8) in Santos Basin.

Both vessels will be sailing under Brazilian REB flag. Commencement of the contract is expected to take place during 4Q 2017. Charterer has the option to extend the contract with further 9 x 3 months periods
DOF Group Contract Awards

The DOF Group has been awarded several contracts and extensions:

A contract for Skandi Sotra in Australia with Chevron Australia PTY Ltd. The contract is for 75 days plus options and will start in Q4 2017.

Fugro has extended the firm contract for Skandi Olympia in the North Sea until end September 2018.

Skandi Foula has been awarded a 2 months contract + options in the Black Sea.

Wintershall has declared 3 months option for Skandi Gamma and the contract is extended until mid-March 2018.
GC Rieber Shipping: Shearwater GeoServices awarded ONGC survey

GC Rieber Shipping ASA's 50% owned geoservices company Shearwater GeoServices ("Shearwater") has been awarded a 3D broadband marine seismic acquisition contract by ONGC for the planned 2017/2018 field season. The surveys are expected to take approximately five months with the main streamer vessel mobilizing to the APAC Region in the fourth quarter 2017.

Irene Waage Basili, CEO of Shearwater comments: "This is the second consecutive year Shearwater will work for ONGC. A pleased customer is a repeat customer and we see this award as a testament of the quality of the deliverables from the Shearwater organization. We know the operational area well and in the challenging market we are all experiencing today, we are very pleased to have secured this contract which gives us full utilization for one of our vessels through the winter season."

Shearwater GeoServices is a marine geophysical services company jointly owned by GC Rieber Shipping ASA and RASMUSSENGRUPPEN AS. The company has a fleet of four modern seismic vessels, a broad offering of high quality geophysical services including advanced processing and acquisition techniques, and two owners with complementing skills and collectively a long experience in the industry.

"Shearwater has been operative since December 2016 and performance during the first year has exceeded the plans that formed the basis for establishing the company. We are proud to say that we have been able to maintain our solid financial platform despite a very challenging market situation through 2017", says Irene Waage Basili.
Several Contract Awards in Australia

SolstadFarstad ASA (SOFF) has been awarded several new contracts for the provision of vessels within Australia.

McDermott International Inc. affiliated company, MAPL have awarded the provision of a General Purpose Support Vessel, Far Stream, and pipe-haul PSV's performing services for work Offshore Western Australia. The contract is due to commence during Q1/Q2 2018 and the combined vessels utilization is approx. 200 days.

Cooper Energy has supplemented their earlier award of Far Saracen and Far Senator for their upcoming Bass Strait drilling campaign, by awarding a third anchor handler, Far Statesman, for a period of 100 days firm with commencement during 1Q 2018.

Woodside Energy Ltd has awarded SolstadFarstad subsidiary Farstad Offshore AS a contract for the provision of two PSV's, Far Seeker and Far Skimmer, for the Greater Enfield Project drilling support campaign. Far Seeker shall be mobilized with a work class ROV, in order to provide efficiencies to the overall drilling campaign. The contract is firm for twelve months with fourteen months of options. Commencement of the contracts is January/2018.

These contract awards are testament to the ongoing professional relationships built between SolstadFarstad and a number of important clients over recent contracts in Australia. SolstadFarstad look forward to further strengthening these close associations, whilst continuing to deliver a high level of safe and efficient offshore operations.

The contract values remain confidential between the parties.
GC Rieber Shipping - Nexans extends the charter for Polar King

Reference is made to stock exchange notice 31 March 2016 and 15 September 2016 concerning the contract with Nexans Skagerrak AS (Nexans) for the construction support vessel Polar King. The 21 months charter commenced in January 2017, and the previously agreed firm period was set to end in September 2018.

GC Rieber Shipping and Nexans have agreed to extend the firm period of the charter with 11 months, meaning the vessel will be employed through August 2019. The vessel will continue to support the world wide operations of Nexans.

"We are pleased to see that the vessel, crew and our organizational capabilities are recognized by Nexans in a competitive market. We look forward to continuing the good cooperation with them", says CEO Christian Berg.
New contracts in Norway and Brazil

Petrobas - Petróleo Brasileiro S.A has extended the present contract for RSV "Far Swift" with approximately 1 year, in direct continuation of present contract. Contract is now firm until 4q -2018.

In addition, SolstadFarstad has entered into a contract for the PSV "Normand Skipper" with Statoil ASA for work on the Norwegian Continental Shelf for a period of 4 months firm with further 2 months option. Commencement of contract is mid-April 2018.

The contracts values remain confidential between the parties.
Ny kontrakt for Viking Princess

Eidesvik har inngått en kontrakt på 18 måneder + 12 måneders opsjoner med Chevron North Sea Limited for forsyningsfartøyet Viking Princess.

Oppstart vil skje i januar 2018 og er i direkte kontinuasjon med inneværende kontrakt. Kontrakten er gjort på gjeldende markedsvilkår.

«Vi er meget fornøyde med kontraktsforlengelsen for hybridskipet Viking Princess og er glade for fornyet tillit hos Chevron North Sea Limited» sier Administrerende direktør Jan Fredrik Meling.

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Long Term Contract for CSV, Normand Commander

Solstad Farstad ASA (SOFF) has entered a Bareboat contract with Bahia Grande LN S.A for the CSV "Normand Commander" for operation in Argentina. The contract period is 5 years firm with further 1x3 years option, commencement of the contract is February 2018.

The commercial terms are confidential between the parties.
Eidesvik har signert intensjonsavtale for certeparti for to skip for resten av 2018

Eidesvik har signert en intensjonsavtale med Seabed Geosolution for bruk av Subsea Viking og Vantage. Kontraktsoppstart er henholdsvis ultimo januar og primo februar og kontraktslengde er ventet å være ut 2018.

De kommersielle betingelsene er konfidensielle mellom partene.
BP contract award for Normand Reach

BP has awarded a contract for use of the vessel Normand Reach on the Mungo field in the North Sea. The value of the contract is confidential between the parties.

Normand Reach will be used on a walk-to-work project with expected start-up late April/early May. The 12-week contract has options to extend if required.

For 2018, Reach Subsea has a firm charter commitment on Normand Reach towards Solstad Offshore for 180 days, at a competitive base rate with a profit share. Through this contract, Reach Subsea will cover roughly 50% of the charter commitment on the Normand Reach spread.

Jostein Alendal, CEO of Reach Subsea, says: "This contract marks another important milestone for Reach Subsea. We will, as always, focus on strong execution to ensure that our track record for operational excellence remains intact."
GC Rieber Shipping - Shearwater GeoServices awarded large seismic survey for Total and Eni

GC Rieber Shipping ASA's 50% owned geoservices company Shearwater GeoServices ("Shearwater") has been awarded a 10,000 square kilometer marine seismic acquisition services contract by Total and Eni for their 2018 exploration program, located approximately 300 kilometers offshore Myanmar. Shearwater will deploy the vessel "Polar Empress" for the survey which is expected to take about six months, commencing in January 2018.

Irene Waage Basili, CEO of Shearwater commented, "We are pleased to be awarded this significant contract with two oil majors known for their high HSE & quality standards and requirements for leading operational performance. Shearwater has undertaken a significant effort since its inception to pre-qualify for work with major oil companies. We see this recent award as a validation of that strategy, and appreciate the positive engagement of our clients to achieve this".

Total and Eni are the operators of the two blocks to be surveyed, YWB and MD-04, off the coast of Myanmar.

The "Polar Empress" vessel was built in 2015, has a capacity of up to 22 streamers, and is one of the most powerful and efficient seismic vessels in the world.

This contract is the second significant recent award to Shearwater, following the November award by a NOC for a 5-6 months contract for which it started mobilizing the vessels "Polar Duchess" and "Polar Marquis" in December.

"The seismic market remains challenging, but on the back of a solid operational performance in 2017 in combination with recently awarded contracts, Shearwater is well positioned through the winter season and for 2018 as a whole", says Irene Waage Basili.

Shearwater GeoServices is a marine geophysical services company jointly owned by GC Rieber Shipping ASA and RASMUSSENGRUPPEN AS. The company has a fleet of four modern seismic vessels, a broad offering of high quality geophysical services including advanced software, processing and acquisition techniques, and two owners with complementary skills and collectively a long experience in the industry.