Seacor, Bygg nr. N494-N495 & N603-N608 ved COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., 6x UT 771WP & 2x UT 771 CD 8x "SeaCosco ..."


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SEACOR Marine Announces Joint Venture with Affiliates of COSCO SHIPPING GROUP

Contracts purchase of eight platform supply vessels

HOUMA, La.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- SEACOR Marine Holdings Inc. (NYSE:SMHI) (“SEACOR Marine”), a leading provider of global marine and support transportation services to offshore oil and gas exploration, development and production facilities worldwide, today announced the final formation of SEACOSCO Offshore LLC, a jointly owned Marshall Islands company (“SEACOSCO”) with affiliates of COSCO SHIPPING GROUP, the world’s largest ship owner.

SEACOSCO entered into contracts for the purchase of eight Rolls-Royce designed new construction platform supply vessels (“PSVs”) from COSCO SHIPPING HEAVY INDUSTRY (GUANGDONG) CO., LTD (the “Shipyard”). Six of the PSVs are of UT 771WP design (4,400 tons deadweight) and two are of UT 771CD design (3,800 tons deadweight).

SEACOSCO will take title to seven of the PSVs in 2018 and one in 2019. Thereafter, the Shipyard, at their cost, will store the PSVs at their facility for periods ranging from six to 18 months. The storage period can be shortened by mutual agreement.

Separately, SEACOSCO contracted with Rolls-Royce Marine AS to outfit six of the PSVs with a state-of-the-art battery energy storage system designed to reduce fuel consumption and enhance the safety and redundancy of the vessels’ systems. This follows SEACOR Marine’s recent order for battery energy storage systems on four large PSVs in Mexico.

John Gellert, SEACOR Marine’s Chief Executive Officer, commented: “We are excited to partner with COSCO SHIPPING GROUP. We are confident that we have structured a transaction that meets the needs of the Shipyard while also managing the cash outlay from the equity owners. The acquired vessels will modernize our operating fleet and expand our offerings to our customers. Combining a proven and advanced design, best in category accommodations, and the innovative Rolls-Royce battery system, these vessels will be highly marketable across all major offshore energy regions worldwide.”

SEACOSCO will be funded 30% with equity and 70% with debt financing secured by the PSVs on a non-recourse basis to the equity owners. Aggregate total consideration for the eight PSVs, including the battery system, is approximately $161.1 million. SEACOR Marine’s total cash outlay is approximately $22.4 million, with approximately $20.0 million payable in the first quarter of 2018 and the balance due over the next 14 months as vessels and the Rolls Royce battery equipment are delivered.

SEACOR Marine will be responsible for full commercial, operational, and technical management of the vessels on a worldwide basis under a separate management agreement with SEACOSCO.

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The 6x UT 771 WP may be hull no. N603 to N608 for Chellsea Group? They have/had also two more as hull no. N634 and N635

What about the 2x UT 771 CD?

Could that be hull no. N494 and N495 that are/were third and fourth UT 771 CD for Tidewater? First two is hull no. N492 "Chauvin Tide" delivered August 2014 and hull. no N493 "Terry Tide" delivered February 2015?
Yes, but Chellsea was all UT 771 WP?

Seacor is getting six UT 771 WP and two UT 771 CD
Crosspost! ;-) I think you are right. Possibly two of the eight UT771 WP's are simply not being finished at all. A number of them are still listed as either "on order / not commenced" or "keel laid" only, so scrapping would be relatively painless to the yard. And I'm sure Tidewater doesn't mind offloading yard numbers N494 and N495.
Last two for Chellsea have a higher hull no. than first six, so maybe they have not started construction on them or at least they are less advanced in building than the first six?

Two first for Tidewater was delivered in 2014 and 2015 so it does not look like they will take the last two since they are not delivered already...
Two of ships concerned seen over two years ago (4 Nov 2015) at the COSCO Guangdong yard. SITA DEVI (yardno N605) and one her sisters, of which I sadly can not read nor remember the name. Looking at IHS, it must have been the RADHA DEVI (N606). At least one of the eight ships, LAKSHMI DEVI (N604) was already in the water at the time. According to IHS, the ANITA DEVI (N603) was also already launched at that time. I do seem to recall seeing two of the ships alongside, so that would make sense.
Source: Ralph Dazert
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If we agree on the above, then hull numbers and originally planned names for company ordering the vessels:

UT 771 CD - ex. Tidewater Marine:
N494 "Landry Tide"
N495 "Flowers Tide"

UT 771 WP - ex. Chellsea Group:
N603 "Anita Devi"
N604 "Lakshmi Devi"
N605 "Sita Devi"
N606 "Radha Devi"
N607 "Maya Devi"
N608 "Darya Devi"

UT 771 WP for Chellsea Group

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Rolls-Royce to upgrade six offshore vessels with battery packs

Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine has received an order to deliver a battery-powered energy system for six offshore vessels (PSV’s) which have been built by the yard Cosco Guangdong in China.

The delivery includes the Energy Storage Container System (ESSU); an upgrade of the existing Rolls-Royce ship design engineering package to match the new features; an upgrade of the Dynamic Positioning system (DP) and the ACON control system; and the new Rolls-Royce Energy Monitoring system, which will provide a complete overview of energy usage onboard.

Recently SEACOR Marine Holding announced that they have entered a Joint Venture with China Cosco Shipping Group. The new venture, SEACOSCO, has taken over eight offshore vessels which today are laid up by the yard.

The ships were ordered in 2013 and 2014 and their new owners have now decided to give six of the Rolls-Royce designed vessels an environmental upgrade, with an option for a further two. The ambition is to get them to work as fast as possible.

SEACOR, which has its head office in Louisiana, USA, will take full operational responsibility for the vessels and add them to their current fleet.

In a press release from the company earlier this month, John Gellert, President, Chief Executive Officer and Director, SEACOR, said: “Combining a proven and advanced design, best in category accommodations, and the innovative Rolls-Royce battery system, these vessels will be highly marketable across all major offshore energy regions worldwide.”

Asbjørn Skaro, Director Digital & Systems – Commercial Marine, Rolls-Royce, said: “We are looking forward to seeing these great vessels in operation and invested in for the future. These are advanced and modern ships, and we strongly believe that the new energy system onboard will make them stand out from the crowd in the market. They will receive an upgrade that benefits both the environment and the economic efficiency of the ships.”

The vessels are of Rolls-Royce UT 771 WP design, and have the characteristic Wave Piercing bow. The bow reduces wave resistance during rough conditions, resulting in a smoother ride than traditional designs, reduced fuel consumption and increased onboard safety.

In addition to having provided the ship design, Rolls-Royce also originally delivered an extensive package of ship equipment and systems to the vessels now being prepared for an environmental upgrade. This new order for six offshore vessels – with an option for further two – follows deliveries or orders for battery systems for seven other vessels.

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UT 771 WP




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This eight will be named after rivers around the world...

UT 771 CD - ex. Tidewater Marine:
N494 "Landry Tide" - "Seacosco Yangtze"
N495 "Flowers Tide" - "Seacosco Mississippi" "Seacosco Ohio"

UT 771 WP - ex. Chellsea Group:
N603 "Anita Devi" - "Seacosco Amazon"
N604 "LakshmiDevi" - "Seacosco Nile"
N605 "Sita Devi" - "Seacosco Parana"
N606 "Radha Devi" - "Seacosco Congo"
N607 "Maya Devi" - "Seacosco Murray"
N608 "Darya Devi" - "Seacosco Danube"
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On a side note, Seacor have also bought four UT 755 LN from Hellespont Ship Management; namely the "Hellespont Daring", "Hellespont Dawn", "Hellespont Defiance" and "Hellespont Drive"
So N495 "Flowers Tide" that was suppose to be "Seacosco Mississippi", now is instead "Seacosco Ohio"

But the rest seems to keep the orignal new Seacosco names...
On a side note, Seacor have also bought four UT 755 LN from Hellespont Ship Management; namely the "Hellespont Daring", "Hellespont Dawn", "Hellespont Defiance" and "Hellespont Drive"

"Hellespont Drive" solgt til India, nytt namn er "ABS Amelia"