Østensjø, Bygg nr. C489-C492 ved Astilleros Gondán, Commissioning Service Operation Vessels "Edda Breeze/Boreas/Nordri/Sudri"

Edda Breeze ifølge Edda Wind sin 2.kvartalsrapport nå planlagt overlevering i begynnelsen av 2023 pga. forsinkelser på gangway.

Edda Wind: Delivery of “Edda Boreas”​

9 February 2023 – Offshore wind service vessel company Edda Wind today announces that it has taken delivery of Edda Boreas from Gondan Shipyard. The vessel is the second of six sister vessels to be delivered from Gondan. The new Commissioning Service Operation Vessel (CSOV), named Edda Boreas, will start installation of the motion compensated gangway- and crane system after leaving the yard in Spain. Thereafter, the vessel will commence work for SSE at Dogger Wind farms UK in May for minimum two years. Edda Boreas can accommodate 120 persons and has flexibility and operability that enables it to service wind farms worldwide. The vessel is also prepared for zero-emission operations with hydrogen as energy carrier in a Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) concept.