New private car-ferry for Norderney ordered by 10 family-hotels !


Norderney is a small super exclusive and very expensive (Holiday-)Island in North-West Germany and here is now a new ferry under construction in the yard GS Waterhuizen in Netherlands.

10 family-owned Hotels on Norderney has founded together the ferry-company "Meine Fähre" and want from summer 2023 start parallel to the "old" ferry company Norden-Frisia a parallel competition ferry-route with 4 round-trips daily. Main-reason for to start this new ferry-route is for to offer cheapest daily transport to and from Norderney for all the staff from the hotels with the right timetable corresponding to the working-times. All the hotel-staffs, cafe-waitresses, bar-keeper etc. are living normally on land in the region Norden-Emden-Aurich because the prices of flats, apartments, houses etc. on Norderney are the most expensive (together with the island of Sylt) in Germany. Ferry-tickets will be available for all people, also for tourists. But priority has all people with any connection to the 10 hotels (incl. their bars, cafes etc. at the beach) who are the common owners of the ferry.

The ferry "Meine Fähre 1" has a capacity of 90 Pax and 30 cars (or 3 trucks and 18 cars) and is a normal simple RoRo-ferry (swimming-board-design) with middle-bridge, folding-ramps on both ends - but single-direction - no double-end-ferry. If successfully an identically sister-ferry is planned - the route is Norderney-Norddeich. The ferry has 2 Caterpillar diesel-engines and nearly no draft for to operate independently from the tide in lowest water also. There are no new ferry-berths planned, they want use existing "Beton-Slipanlagen" on both sides - normally used for to let boats into the water - so it will be similar as a "landing-boat".

Good luck to the team of Meine Fähre, super idea to start a new own ferry-route, but also very short term to start in this summer... .
A similar private ferry-system paid by hotels, whiskey-companies and fish-farms would be also a good solution on some Scottish Islands with catastrophic ferry-service from the state-owned Calmac-ferry-company. Also some new ordered ferries there will not really help f.ex. to offer evenings-arrivals in hotels because often the last ferry is departing 17:00 or 18:00 already from the mainland.
More news from the new private ferry to Norderney - a new alternative beside the old ferry-company Frisia AG:

- Route start is now planned for oct./nov. 2023
- 4-5 roundtrips daily
- only online-booking possible
- only Pax in cars accepted, no foot-pax, no bicycles
- no staff on land / no marshalling-crew
- the ferry is 50m x 13m for 30 cars and 90 Pax
- 2nd identically ferry is planned
- very low draft for the low tidewaters
- Outside-Design will be colorful Graffiti
- price is "a few millions"

Neue Fähre zwischen Norddeich und Norderney macht einiges anders (

Here are now new pictures from the ferry on their Instagram-site, also interior:

Furthermore the 2nd ferry will be not identically - but will be a modern passenger-boat.
Also picture and rendering to see there.
Oh, ok - thank`s a lot !
Looks cozy, familiar, a max. 50 seats Cafe interior and max. 25 seats on sundeck, built in 2005.

Just for to bring hotel-staff daily to the Island and back it is also a good cheap solution.
On the Island they could use a Sprinter/Daily type 30-seater mini-bus operating a small round-trip passing the hotels.
So normally it is not needed that all the hotel-staff drive daily on/off the Island with their own cars.
So they have with this boat the option to transport the hotel-staff cheap - and to sell more car-spaces onboard of the ferry to tourists.