Offshoretråden - Kontrakter

Contract extension for MPSV Siem Dorado​

Siem Offshore has been awarded a contract extension for the MPSV Siem Dorado securing utilization for a period reaching towards the end of Q4 2024.

Commencement will be in direct continuation of the current contract with continued operations expected outside the North Sea.

Contract award for PSV Siem Giant and PSV Siem Atlas in Brazil​

Siem Offshore do Brasil, a subsidiary of the Company, has agreed new contracts with TotalEnergies EP Brasil. The new duration for Siem Giant is 3 years firm with options up to 4 more years and for Siem Atlas the new duration is 9 months firm with options until the end of Q2 2027. Both vessels will commence the contracts in June 2024 in direct continuation of present contracts.

Contract award for AHTS Siem Ruby​

The AHTS Siem Ruby has been chartered to an International Oil Major for a period covering the remainder of 2024, with imminent commencement. Operations will take place outside of the North Sea.

Reach Subsea Expands Fleet: Charter Option Lifted and Two New Constructor ROVs Ordered​

Haugesund, 20 March 2024: Reference is made to the 12 February 2024 stock exchange release, where Reach Subsea ASA (“Reach Subsea” or “Reach”) announced a 100 day project charter for the subsea vessel Olympic Taurus, with extension options for 2+1+1 years. Reach Subsea has now extended the charter for an additional 2 years and retain options for another 1+1 years.

"With a solid backlog and substantial tender pipeline for the coming periods, we are enhancing our capacity to capitalize on the rapidly advancing global subsea market. Reach Subsea is ideally positioned with a comprehensive service portfolio spanning ocean services and data delivery, catering to both the growing renewables sector and the established oil & gas market" said Jostein Alendal, CEO of Reach Subsea.

Furthermore, Reach Subsea has ordered two new Constructor type ROV’s from Kystdesign AS with delivery in May 2024, and will be financed through our equipment leasing frame agreement. The Constructor is a heavy duty ROV designed for carrying and operating large tools and modules and has a depth rating of 3000m. Following delivery the ROVs will be mobilised onto the Reach Subsea fleet and will expand our subsea service capacity into the 2024 season.

“The addition of the two new Constructor ROVs not only enhances our fleet's flexibility but also bolsters our capability to efficiently execute a diverse range of underwater tasks. These cutting-edge ROVs seamlessly integrate into our existing portfolio of assets, further solidifying our position to effectively address the demands of our clients. Their advanced technology and robust design align perfectly with our commitment to deliver high-quality services and meeting the evolving needs of our clients across various industries.” said Jostein Alendal.

Contract Award – OSCV Siem Spearfish​

Siem Offshore has entered into a one-year firm contract plus one year option for the OSCV Siem Spearfish with PXGEO. The vessel will be engaged within the marine geophysical segment and support charterer's operations world-wide. The vessel will commence its new charter upon completion of the current class renewal mid February 2024.


Contract award – OSRV Siem Marataizes​

Siem Offshore do Brasil has signed a new contract for the Oil Spill Response Vessel Siem Marataizes with a duration of 4 years with commencement 2Q 2024.
Golden Energy Offshore Service

We are pleased to announce that Golden Energy Offshore Services AS (GEOS) has successfully secured short term contracts for Energy Partner and Energy Swan with first class international Charterers

Golden Energy Offshore Services AS (GEOS) Secures Short Term Contract for Energy Pace​

Reference is made to the press release by Golden Energy Offshore Services AS (the “Company”) of 4 April 2024 where it was announced that the Company had secured short term contracts for the vessels Energy Partner and Energy Swan.

The Company is pleased to announce that it has successfully secured a short term contract for the vessel Energy Pace.

All three contracts are with first class international charterers and consolidated for a total of 380 firm vessel days. The average day rate for the contracts exceeds USD 28,000/day, resulting in a total firm value of approximately MUSD 10.8.

According to Per Ivar Fagervoll, CEO of Golden Energy Offshore Services AS: "We are delighted to secure these contracts for our vessels. This achievement reflects our team's dedication to providing top-tier services and underscores our commitment to operational excellence."

Additionally, the same charterers have options to utilize the vessels for up to 380 days at an average day rate exceeding USD 28,600/day. If these options are exercised, the total contract value would amount to MUSD 21,7.

These contracts underscore the Company's commitment to providing high-quality
offshore services.

SOLSTAD OFFSHORE ASA – Multiple contract awards

Solstad Offshore (Solstad) is pleased to announce contract awards from Clients in the offshore energy markets with a combined duration of approx. 600 days (inclusive of mobilization and demobilization) and a gross value of approx. NOK 800 mill. 

The contract awards include the following vessels:

CSV “Normand Baltic” has been awarded a minimum 70 days firm contract for providing cable repair support on an offshore wind project in Asia, with commencement in 2Q 2024, in direct continuation of present charter.

Additionally, ”Normand Baltic” has secured a further 150 days firm contract, with commencement in 1Q 2025, for “Walk to Work” and WROV services on another offshore wind project in Asia.

CSV “Normand Australis” has been awarded a 90 days firm contract for installation support on an offshore wind project in Asia, including WROV and survey services, with commencement in 2Q24.

CSV “Normand Sentinel” has been awarded a contract for 190 days firm for subsea construction work in West Africa. The contract includes WROV and survey services, commencement is in 2Q24.

AHTS “Normand Prosper” has been awarded a contract for an FPSO installation project in West Africa. Duration of this project is estimated to around 60 days with commencement in 2Q24.

“Normand Australis», «Normand Baltic», “Normand Sentinel” and “Normand Prosper” are owned by Solstad Maritime AS, in which Solstad Offshore ASA currently holds 31,6 %.

Contract award for AHTS Siem Emerald​

Sea1 Offshore has secured a medium term contract (200 days firm + options) for the AHTS Siem Emerald in South America for a major offshore construction company. The contract will commence end of May.
DOF has been awarded a Very Large contract by Equinor for the delivery of Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) services for a duration up to 3 years firm + 3 annual options.

The work includes subsea operations covering IMR activities throughout Equinor's assets on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. DOF shall also deliver its full suite of project management, engineering, procurement and logistical solutions.

Havila Shipping ASA: Extension of contract with Reach Subsea for the IMR vessel Havila Subsea​

Havila Shipping has agreed with Reach Subsea to extend the contract for the IMRvessel Havila Subsea.Existing contract ends at the end of 2024. The contract extension is for a firmperiod of 3 year, with 2 one year options.The contract extension is on market terms and includes also improved terms validfrom 1. June 2024
Multiple contract awards in Brazil

Solstad Offshore ASA (Solstad) announces multiple contract awards from Petrobras, scheduled to commence in the second half of 2024 and first half of 2025. The combined gross contract value is approximately NOK 2,6 billion.

Petrobras has contracted the CSV Normand Poseidon and the AHTSs Normand Sagaris and Normand Ferking, all owned by Solstad Maritime AS in which Solstad Offshore ASA holds a 31.6 percent ownership share.

The Normand Poseidon has been awarded a four-year firm contract scheduled to commence in the third quarter of 2024 in continuation of its current charter with Petrobras.

The AHTSs Normand Sagaris and Normand Ferking have each been awarded a three -year firm contract for anchor-handling duties. Normand Sagaris is scheduled to commence the new contract in 4Q 2024 or 1Q 2025 and, additionally, its current contract with Petrobras has been extended until November 2024. Normand Ferking will commence its contract in 2Q 2025.

"We are very pleased to announce these contract awards from Petrobras in Brazil", says Lars Peder Solstad, CEO at Solstad Offshore. "We have worked with Petrobras since 1996 and Solstad is well positioned to take on more work in the buoyant Brazilian offshore market".

Havila Shipping ASA: Kontrakter er inngått med Equinor Energy AS for PSV fartøyene Havila Clipper, Havila Fanø og Havila Herøy

Selskapet har inngått kontrakter med Equinor Energy AS for PSV fartøyene
  • Havila Clipper
  • Havila Fanø
  • Havila Herøy
Hver kontrakt er for en periode på 12 måneder, med ytterligere opsjoner for 6 ganger 1 måned.

Oppstart vil for alle være innen utgangen av juli måned.

Contract extension for CSVs “Normand Subsea” and “Normand Energy”

Solstad Offshore ASA (“Solstad”) is pleased to announce that Subsea 7 Limited (“Subsea 7”) has exercised the 2025 optional charter period for the “Normand Subsea”.

The contract is now firm until 31st December 2025, with no further options thereafter.

“Normand Subsea” is a versatile IMR vessel that has been on contract to Subsea 7 since 2009.

Furthermore, the present client has exercised all remaining option periods for charter of the “Normand Energy”. The contract is now firm until 31.03.2026.

The Vessel will continue to support subsea operations in West Africa.

“Normand Subsea” and “Normand Energy” are owned by Solstad Maritime AS, in which Solstad Offshore ASA holds 27,3%.

Long-term contract for CSV Normand Ocean

Solstad Offshore ASA (“Solstad”) announces a new five-year contract for the CSV Normand Ocean with Prysmian Powerlink Srl (Prysmian). With this contract, the vessel will be on a firm contract with Prysmian until 2032, with an additional two-year option.

Prysmian has contracted the CSV Normand Ocean to support the installation of power cable systems on the company's global projects.

The firm contract will commence during the first or second quarter of 2027 and run until 2032. If the two-year option is exercised, Normand Ocean will support Prysmian until 2034.

With this contract, Normand Ocean joins CSV Normand Pacific, which is on a firm contract with Prysmian until the end of 2030.

“We are pleased to announce another long-term contract with Prysmian, which expands our partnership with the company that started back in 2016. Both Normand Ocean and Normand Pacific play important roles in the ongoing energy transition, in which Solstad has a large and growing footprint,” says Lars Peder Solstad, CEO at Solstad Offshore.

In 2023, Solstad grew its total operating income from offshore renewable energy activities by 65 percent, to NOK 1.76 billion, compared to the prior year.

Normand Ocean, built in 2014, is an advanced DP2 subsea construction vessel equipped with a 150-ton active heavy compensated subsea crane. The vessel is an effective working platform for various demanding offshore activities.

Normand Ocean is owned by Solstad Maritime AS, in which Solstad Offshore ASA holds an ownership share of 27,3 percent.

EIOF – Contract extension for PSV Viking Energy​

Equinor Energy AS has declared options to extend the contract for the supply vessel Viking Energy. The contract extension runs from April 2025, extending the firm period to April 2030. The contract also includes options for further extensions.

“Viking Energy has been in continuous operation for Equinor since its launch in 2003. This contract extension highlights the operational excellence consistently delivered by our crew. We are proud to have maintained such a long-standing collaboration and look forward to its continued success”, said CEO & President of Eidesvik Offshore, Gitte Gard Talmo.